Indonesian President Joko Widodo's planned state visit to Ukraine and Russia

Indonesian President Joko Widodo's planned state visit to Ukraine and Russia

 Member of Commission I DPR RI Major General TNI (ret) TB Hasanuddin assessed that the planned state visit of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to Ukraine and Russia was a positive thing for Indonesia's peaceful diplomacy. Hasanuddin said the state visit was a very strategic step for two reasons. First, President Jokowi's visit is expected to ease tensions between Ukraine and Russia which have recently escalated. 

"At least there have been more than 100 days of armed conflict between the two countries and it has not shown any signs of ending," Hasanuddin told reporters, Wednesday (22/6/2022). Second, the visit is expected to be a bridge for a peaceful solution between the two countries. This is because the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has had a negative impact on the stability of commodity prices such as crude oil and food globally. Including in Indonesia, the price of some foodstuffs such as wheat or cooking oil has increased drastically. According to the PDI-P legislator, if the conflict is not resolved peacefully and drags on, the world will fall into a global food crisis. 

"Hopefully, the agenda of President Jokowi's state visit to the two countries will produce positive and concrete results for Indonesia in the midst of the threat of a food crisis and the global economy that is increasingly visible in front of our eyes at this time," concluded TB Hasanuddin.
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to visit Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 30 this month. Not only to Russia, Jokowi will also visit Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This news was conveyed by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) Retno Marsudi at a press briefing, Wednesday (22/6/2022). Retno said the visit of the President of the Republic of Indonesia to Ukraine and Russia was carried out after attending the G7 Summit for Partner Countries in Germany which will take place on June 26-27 2022. "From Germany, President Jokowi is planning to visit Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) and Moscow (the capital of Russia)," Retno said in a virtual press statement. 

The Foreign Minister acknowledged that President Jokowi's visit this time was carried out in an abnormal situation. The reason is because the current situation is still very complicated because of the war in Ukraine. Retno said that despite the difficult situation and complex problems, President Jokowi chose to try to contribute and did not choose to remain silent. "As the President of the G20 and a member of the Champion Group from the Global Crisis Response Group formed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, President Jokowi chose to try to contribute, he did not choose to remain silent," said Retno. 

President Jokowi will be the first Asian leader to visit the two countries. Retno emphasized that the President's visit showed concern for humanitarian issues, trying to contribute to dealing with the food crisis caused by war. Because the impact is felt by all countries, especially developing and low-income countries. Indonesia will also continue to encourage the spirit of peace. "During visits to Kiev and Moscow, of course, the President will have a meeting with President Zelenskyy and President Putin" .

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