Boris Johnson, "War mad, a perfect example of toxic masculinity"

Boris Johnson, "War mad, a perfect example of toxic masculinity"

 "If Putin was a woman, which he definitely isn't, I really don't think he would start this mad and macho war of invasion and violence." British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told German broadcaster Zdf after the G7 in Bavaria, adding that while the leaders attending the summit "strongly" wanted peace, at this point there was "no possibility of a deal". 

"Putin - he explained - did not make an offer for a deal and at the same time Zelensky, for his part, could not make it". “If you are looking for the perfect example of toxic manhood, you can find it by looking at what Putin is doing in Ukraine”, Johnson said, stressing that “in positions of power there is a need for a greater female presence”. "At this NATO summit, I will appeal to allies to continue to do all they can to support Ukraine." 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter, before the start of the Madrid summit, recalling that "the UK has always played a historic role in NATO, working to meet the biggest global challenges and build a safer one". The British Prime Minister will announce today at the NATO summit that the UK will strengthen its military presence in Estonia.

 Downing Street anticipated it. And again, Johnson said upon his arrival at the NATO summit in Madrid: "The first lesson to be learned is that Putin miscalculated, he wants less NATO on the border and more NATO".

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