Benefits of manners

Benefits of manners

 Manners are rules of behavior and behavior in everyday life. The benefit of manners is to become more appreciative and respectful of others. So, etiquette is a rule of life that flows in human relationships. 

In addition, etiquette is also closely related to ethics. The behavior of someone who is ethical means that the person has manners. Everyone has rules that are adhered to by each community group that need to be obeyed and respected. For example, respecting elders, then greeting those who are older. Manners have several benefits in everyday life. 

The following are the benefits of etiquette, including: 

1. Facilitate good relations with others. 

2. Creating a peace in social life. 

3. Avoid conflict. 

4. Get easy in good relations with other people. 

5. Make you become respected, respected and liked by others. 

6. Give yourself confidence in every situation. 

7. Makes you able to maintain a good atmosphere in various environments, be it a family environment, association, or work later. 

8. Raise awareness of others about the importance of manners. 

As for examples of manners in everyday life, among others: 

1. Be polite and friendly to anyone you just met. For example, when Edo meets new people, he is polite by greeting or greeting. 

2. Pay attention to others. For example, when Edo met an old man who was known to be carrying heavy items, Edo took the initiative to help him. 

3. Always try to take care of other people's feelings. For example, Edo likes to talk politely without offending his friends. 

4. Be willing to help. For example, Edo always wanted to help others who were in trouble. 

5. Have a high sense of tolerance. For example, Edo never mocked his friend's culture, even though it was different from Andy's. 

6. Can control emotions in any situation. For example, Edo does not easily get angry with people and can control his emotions when there are problems with other people. 

Well, that's the meaning of etiquette, benefits and examples. Have you applied manners?

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