3 ways of thinking according to Sherlock Holmes

3 ways of thinking according to Sherlock Holmes 

 Striving in the business world, of course, can't be plain and just walk. It takes a provision that is sufficient to wade through it. At least by having the right thinking skills when you decide to be part of the harsh competition in the business world.
As one of the most popular fictional thinkers, Sherlock Holmes has a methodology of managing his thoughts and views in a systematic and methodical manner. This way of thinking is relevant enough to be adopted when you want to be involved in the frenetic business world with all its dynamics.
There are 5 ways of thinking like Sherlock Holmes that maybe we can emulate as business people or as people who participate as stakeholders of a business organization, be it employees, leaders of directors, or other management ranks.

This way of thinking will be very useful for us to navigate all the existing problems as well as a basis for formulating solutions for solving problems that occur.
This skill will be the difference between those who have sensitivity to an issue with those who tend to take things for granted and are fine.
Just looking will only result in the interpretation that in a certain area there is something. That's all. While observing allows us to have a wider interpretation of a situation and condition of something.

A business is not just operating, but must also strive to grow and develop. This clearly requires a certain strategy as an effort. Which is an effort that will only work if it starts with making observations.

There is so much to see and even more to observe. Even so, not all of them deserve to be the object of observation. Especially to be used as a foothold in managing a business.
In this case, it is enough for us to stick to these two important aspects as a reference. Namely data and facts. An information that does not have a solid data and factual basis should be avoided as a basis for decision making.
Therefore, it is important to design a support system that is able to provide confirmation of these data and facts regularly, effectively, and efficiently. The goal is that as business people we have a clear footing in our steps.

1. Throwing Critical Questions

Can we immediately swallow all the information based on these data and facts? The answer is no. We still need to criticize the condition of the data and also the facts presented. Especially when we don't collect the information ourselves.

2. Experimental Approach, not Assumption

Is it enough just to throw critical questions to determine the quality of an information? Apparently not yet. We need to test it, albeit on a relatively small scale. We can do simple experiments depending on the type of information available.
Data and facts will have a certain behavior which when "contact" with other aspects will give a "unique" response. Let's say we have data in the form of sales figures in certain areas. And we want to know the hidden pattern behind the numbers.
So we need to test whether the existing data is reasonable and can be accounted for its validity. You can do this by checking the comparison data with a certain database.
This aims to convince us that the pattern that occurs is indeed a reality and not just an assumption. Experiments will increase our belief that what is happening is the way it is.

3. Pouring Out the Power of Imagination

Sometimes we will hit a dead end in formulating a solution to the problems that occur. In this case, the most crucial point in determining the final decision is needed. That is the power of imagination.
To quote the words of wisdom, namely, "imagination is more than just an exact science" seems to be able to represent that our "rigidity" and "adherence" to data may make us shackled to perform spectacular actions.
There are times when our imagination power is needed to come up with creative ideas that can be a solution to the problems that occur. Imagination is needed to find alternative paths from other possibilities that are considered unsatisfactory to be used as a solution.

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