The US issue has run out of weapons

The US issue has run out of weapons

 The United States, which continued to arm Ukraine in the Russian invasion, is now reported to have run out of weapons. Even this depleted US arms stockpile could hamper Washington's ability to arm a potential conflict with China. 
The issue that the US had run out of weapons was raised by Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin. 

According to him, Washington's lack of weapons will hinder the US' ability to arm Taiwan against a potential conflict with China. “We are running out of our (weapons) stock. We've just burned the javelin for seven years and that's not only important because we keep trying and helping Ukraine win in Ukraine."

 "That's important as we try to simultaneously defend Taiwan from aggression from the Chinese Communist Party," he said. According to him, a lot of ammunition and weapons have been spent in Ukraine. 

So far, the big US military industry is lobbying the White House for more contracts. The US has so far provided Ukraine with nearly $4 billion in military aid. Even Joe Biden also asked Congress to pass a $33 billion aid package, of which $20 billion will fund weapons and other military support for Ukraine.

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