The killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians

The killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians

 Palestinian President Abu Mazen condemned last night's attack that killed 3 Israelis and injured 4 others. This was reported by the Wafa agency. "The killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians - said Abu Mazen - only escalates at a time when we are all trying to achieve stability and prevent escalation itself." "Only a lasting, comprehensive and just peace - he concluded - is the right way to ensure security and stability for both nations and the region". 

The attack took place in Elad, a predominantly Orthodox city in the center of the country not far from Petah Tikva and not far from the demarcation line with the West Bank. The attackers targeted people walking at the end of the day of celebration (Israel's Independence Day) in two different places, one of which was near a National Park. Elad Amphitheater. Then they ran away. The three Israelites killed were rabbis. Israeli police have identified two Palestinians suspected of being responsible for the terrorist attack. 

They are Asad Alrafaani (19) and Sabhi abu Shakir (20), both from the village of Rumana near Jenin, in the north of the West Bank. Security forces launched a manhunt across the area to find them and asked residents to report possible information. 

For more than a month, tensions have been rising in Israel after ongoing attacks and clashes with Palestinian protesters on the Temple Mount. Even yesterday there was another when for days Hamas and its leader Yihia Sinwar called on the Palestinians to take up arms in defense of Al-Aqsa.

 "The operation - said Hazem Kassen, spokesman for Hamas yesterday - is a consequence of the Palestinian anger over the repeated attacks by the occupiers, their institutions and their settlers against the al-Aqsa mosque".

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