Texas USA: 18-year-old teen shoots dead 19 elementary school students

Texas USA: 18-year-old teen shoots dead 19 elementary school students

 This time it happened at a Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, United States (US) on Tuesday (24/5/2022) local time. The perpetrator was identified as an 18-year-old teenager. He was shot dead by police after shooting indiscriminately into a school filled with teachers and elementary school students. Quoted from The Associate Press, at least 19 children and two adults died as a result of the shooting. 

Local authorities revealed that the shooter was named Salvador Ramos. Salvador lives in the western part of San Antonio, USA. Salvador, whose motive for the shooting is unknown, broke into classrooms and opened fire on students and teachers who were studying. Texas State Senator for District 19, Roland Gutierrez, explained that Salvador had signaled he would carry out a firearms attack via his social media. Salvador wrote, "Children must be careful". He also uploaded a picture of two guns he bought for his 18th birthday. Police believe Salvador posted photos of the two firearms he used in the attack. 

Roland said Salvador shot his grandmother before coming to Robb's Primary school. The grandmother survived and is being treated, but her condition is still unknown. According to a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Travis Considine, at around 11:30 a.m. local time, Salvador crashed his car outside the school and ran into the building. 

A resident who heard of the accident called the police. Subsequently, two members of the local police exchanged gunfire with Salvador in the school area, causing the two policemen to be injured by gunfire. "A team of Border Patrol (Border Patrol) agents rushed to the school, including ten to 15 officers from tactical and counter-terrorism units such as SWAT," said top Border Patrol regional official Jason Owens. A Border Patrol agent who was in the vicinity of the shooting scene immediately rushed to Robb's Primary school and shot Salvador dead. The police are currently gathering evidence to determine the perpetrator's motive.

They are investigating Salvador's statements relating to the attack he carried out prior to the shooting. Meanwhile, Roland said that his party was still focused on meeting the needs of the victims' families, law enforcement, and local health service providers. "My focus now is on ensuring that local law enforcement, healthcare providers and affected families get everything they need," Roland wrote on Twitter. Ramos is believed to have shot his grandmother before leaving for elementary school, three law enforcement sources told CNN.

 Ramos' grandmother was hospitalized in critical condition, reports Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Erick Estrada. Suspect wearing protective suit, crashed his vehicle before attacking Estrada told CNN the suspect crashed his vehicle in a ditch near the school before trying to enter the scene. The suspect then entered the school, where he entered several classrooms and started firing his gun. 

At least one Border Patrol agent was injured by gunfire from the shooter who had barricaded himself inside, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.
Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Hal Harrell said that the remainder of the school year, which was supposed to end on Thursday (26/5/2022), has been cancelled. The district will provide counseling and support at the citizenship center for students. US President Joe Biden called on his citizens to turn collective pain into political action following the shooting at an elementary school in Texas. 

"It's time to turn this pain into action," Biden said. As a form of mourning, Biden ordered all federal governments to fly flags at half-mast. After this case, Robb Elementary, who usually uses Thursday as a learning weekend, is now closed until the end of the educational calendar year.

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