Russia claims it can destroy all NATO member states in half an hour

Head of Roscomos, Kremlin Space Agency, Dimtry Rogozin

 Russia claims it could destroy all of the NATO member states in half an hour (30 minutes) if a nuclear war broke out. This was revealed by the head of Roscomos, the Kremlin Space Agency, Dimtry Rogozin. Rogozin also emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin's goal is to destroy the enemy of the West (a NATO member) and wipe Ukraine off the map. “NATO wants to go to war with us. 

They didn't announce it, but that didn't change anything. But obviously it's for everyone," he was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Monday (9/5/2022). "In a nuclear war, a NATO country will be destroyed by us in half an hour," he added. But Rogozin insisted that nuclear war should not occur. He emphasized that the consequences of shooting each other with nuclear weapons would have a great impact on the earth. "Therefore, we will defeat this economically and militarily strong enemy with conventional weapons," he said. He also hinted that Putin would put Russia on a war footing amid speculation that mass mobilization would be carried out to boost Russia's war effort, which he said was increasingly sluggish. 

"Such a victory is possible with the full solidarity of the whole country with the army and the mobilization of the country's economy," he said. He added that industry in Russia should now be forced to serve its military purposes. "This must be done urgently and quickly," said Rogozin. Russia has conducted a test launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which will be used for nuclear. The missile with the name Satan 2 is capable of flying as far as 17,000km and carrying more than 12 warheads. 

The missile is believed to be capable of wiping out an area the size of England. CIA Director William Burns warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin would double his power for victory in Ukraine. However, he stressed that Putin will not use nuclear weapons to achieve victory Putin will do so despite more than 25,000 Russian soldiers killed and pressure from economic sanctions by the international community. 

Burns said on Saturday (7/5/2022), Putin was optimistic about his country's victory even though they had failed to occupy the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
"He's been in that frame of mind, that he doesn't believe he's going to lose," Burns said. "I think he feels confident now, that doubling (strength) will make him make progress," he added. Burns also emphasized the potential for defeat would be a disappointing impact on Putin. "Because he risked so many options to launch this invasion," he added. However, the US intelligence chief said he did not think Russia would use nuclear weapons to win the war. 

He also clarified that western intelligence saw no sign of Putin using it. "As the intelligence community, we see no practical evidence at this time of Russia's plans to launch or potentially use tactical nuclear weapons," he said. Even so, he stressed that the intelligence agency did not take this possibility lightly. Burns said the CIA would continue to spy on Russia's nuclear interests. "So we will remain focused as an intelligence agency, regarding that possibility at a time when the risk is very high for Russia to use," he said.

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