Russia blocked with Hungarian veto

Russia blocked with Hungarian veto

 The emergency meeting of the Twenty-Seven ambassadors to the European Union (Coreper), which had been held this morning, following a stalemate last night, to seek a compromise on the oil embargo, ended with Russia's agreement in principle in Brussels blocked by a Hungarian veto. 

This was reported by diplomatic sources, detailing that the agreement in principle, which concerns the entire sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, should be formalized by the heads of state and government in the Council of Europe convening this afternoon and tomorrow, again in Brussels. 

It is therefore necessary to wait for the European Council to give the green light before talking about the actual deal. The terms of the agreement are the ones that have been disclosed in recent hours: the new proposal provides for a progressive embargo on Russian oil arriving by sea, with full implementation by the end of the year, and a temporary exemption for crude oil arriving in the EU via pipeline. 

The EU Council will seek to address this temporary exemption "as soon as possible". The agreement concerns the text of a draft conclusion to be submitted to the Council of Europe. If there is a political agreement by the leaders, Coreper will close the legislative text soon (tomorrow or more likely Wednesday), the source determined.

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