Moscow as an obstacle in plans to create a unipolar World

Moscow as an obstacle in plans to create a unipolar World

 There is still no agreement on the sixth package of sanctions. Regarding the gas price ceiling proposed by Italy, the decision will be postponed. The process will be opened with a link with Ukrainian President Zelensky. In connection with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, two days of the Extraordinary European Council , a meeting of EU heads of state and government called for deciding on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia.

 In particular, the oil embargo is on the table, which Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are holding back, as they fear a serious impact on their economies. A possible compromise, as was the result of the draft treaty leaking to the press, is the temporary exclusion of crude oil passing through the oil pipeline, such as those arriving in Budapest, Bratislava and Prague, while imports by sea would be prevented: also on this subject, however, according to diplomatic sources, progressive and imminent introductions will be established, which will be finalized in any case within this year. 

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell assured this morning that "there will be a deal eventually", but diplomatic sources quoted by the BBC reported that a deal had not been found by lunch time. Another thing to decide is the possible confiscation of "frozen" assets from Russia as part of the previous sanctions package. 

Then there is the proposal to limit gas prices which is supported by the Italian government. "I don't think that's today's debate," said Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, "what is being discussed I believe is the possibility of entrusting the European Commission with the task of exploring the possibility of going in this direction".

 Lastly, energy prices, defense and security cooperation, and food security issues are also on the agenda. with the urgency of allowing Ukrainian grain to leave the Black Sea. Yesterday, meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov argued that Western sanctions would be put in place for some time and imposed "to restrain Russia's development, because the United States sees Moscow as an obstacle in its plans to create a unipolar world."

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