McLaren joins the Metaverse soon

McLaren joins the Metaverse soon

 British automotive manufacturer, McLaren is rumored to be joining the Metaverse soon. Later in the virtual world, McLaren will showcase its luxury hypercars and supercars in the form of NFT. McLaren is not alone by cooperating with an IT company from the United States, InfiniteWorld. Both plan to provide new experiences to customers. Where they can print and sell non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the Metaverse world. “Holders of NFTs printed on behalf of McLaren Automotive will be able to benefit from unique benefits, which may include, but are not limited to, exclusive and buyer-only experiences.” 

Obviously McLaren's announcement on its official account. Although it is not explained in detail about when the McLaren Metaverse will be released on the global market, by joining McLaren in this virtual world, it adds to the long list of world automotive manufacturers who are involved in the Metaverse. Before McLaren released its Metaverse, earlier this year Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini was also known to have launched an NFT collection to greet its loyal fans. 

The popularity of Metaverse in recent years has successfully stolen the world's attention. Metaverse itself is described as a technology that allows people to gather and communicate by entering the virtual world. The virtual world also provides access for everyone to be able to buy and sell products virtually. 

This is what McLaren Automotive uses to sell its NFT hypercars and luxury supercars. McLaren representatives said that the collaboration between the real life Metaverse combined with NFT in the gadang could generate fantastic profits for the company.

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