Marc Marquez withdraws from the 2022 MotoGP world championship

Marc Marquez withdraws from the 2022 MotoGP world championship

 The Repsol Honda racer took the bold step of returning to the operating table for the humerus bone of his right arm. The operation is planned to take place Tuesday (31/5/2022) at a hospital in the United States. The Baby Alien suffered a broken humerus in MotoGP 2020 while paving at Jerez. So far, Marc Marquez has had three operations to recover from his injury. However, until the eighth series of MotoGP 2022 was completed, The Baby Alien did not find comfort at all during the race. 

What's more, the fact that Marc Marquez suffers every day from enduring pain makes the rider uncomfortable. The owner of number #93 revealed that his decision to operate again was not because he was eager to get on the podium. But the owner of eight world titles wants to return to his life as a normal racer. "If this operation is successful, let's see how much I can get back to maximizing the quality of the bike (RC213V) during the race," said Marc Marquez, as quoted from the Speedweek page. "This is the fourth operation and I depend on the results later this is the last step to improve my physical condition," added the brother of Alex Marquez. 

This season Marc Marquez has struggled to maximize the RC213V. In addition to the injury problem, the development of the Repsol Honda motorcycle that was not centered on Marquez resulted in its own polemic. Marquez has said several times that he has to make a number of adaptations to the team's new motorbike with the flapping single-wing logo. 
"I have no desire that this operation can bring me to the podium suddenly," said Marc Marquez added.

 "My goal is to return as an athlete with a normal life," said The Baby Alien. Marquez admitted that he was tormented by his routine of taking painkillers. "I want to forget about painkillers and all that. That is the essence behind the operation. If everything goes well and I am happy again, the chances of getting good results again increase," concluded Marc Marquez.

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