Inter "condemns" the win and hopes for a loss for the Rossoneri

Inter "condemns" the win and hopes for a loss for the Rossoneri

 A championship fought until the last 90 minutes. Both at the top and at the bottom. That hasn't happened in years. So now it's important to look at the regulations. Milan leads the standings with 83 points. Inter are chasing the a81. Therefore, the Rossoneri are favourites. For winning by 2 points. But also for being in a better position in head-to-head matches: draw and win. 

Next week Milan will play at Sassuolo. Inter will host Sampdoria instead. With the penultimate day's result, Genoa were relegated (thus reaching Venice), and Sampdoria were safe. So the relegation battle is a big challenge between Cagliari and Salernitana. The bell is at 31 points. Sardinian at 29. Here the calculations become more complicated. If they reach the same points, you should go and see the head-to-head match. 

But, even in this case, nothing happened: the trips out and home ended in a draw. In that case you have to go and see the goal difference in live matches. But again nothing was done: both matches ended 1-1. At this point we proceed to look at the general purpose differences. 

And this parameter is in Cagliari's favor. The Sardinians actually scored 34 goals and conceded 68: hence, the goal difference is -34. Salernitana instead scored 33 goals and conceded 74: therefore, goal difference -41. Next week Salernitana will play at home against Udinese. Cagliari, on the other hand, will go to Venice (already relegated).

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