Chelsea will travel to Leed United

Chelsea will travel to Leed United

 After Chelsea's bad record in the last three games, the match against Leeds who is at the bottom of the table can be used as momentum for Tuchel to get 3 points. In the last 3 matches, Chelsea have not even been able to win, they were only able to get two draws and one other ended in defeat. Fortunately, the Blues have a slick record against Leeds United. Of the 10 meetings, Chelsea suffered only one defeat, the rest they were able to win seven matches and recorded two draws. 

It's clear Thomas Tuchel's men are eager to take all three points and stay away from Arsenal, who are just one point away from the Blues. At the same time securing their ticket to compete in the Champions League next season. In the midst of Chelsea's bad record, there are positive things they found, namely the return of Romelu Lukaku's sharpness. Lukaku scored twice as Chelsea drew against Wolves in Week 35 of the Premier League. Concerned about the devil with Chelsea's draw, Lukaku's two goals became an injection of confidence for the player to prove his quality. With the addition of these two goals, Lukaku's name is now Chelsea's top scorer with a score of 14 goals, one point more than Kai Havertz who just created 13 goals. 

Thomas Tuchel, who played with a 3-5-2 scheme, put Lukaku in front along with Timo Werner. The German tactician seemed to have listened to Lukaku's complaints about his system which had been talked about for several weeks. "Physically I'm fine, but I'm not comfortable with the situation at Chelsea," Lukaku told Sky Sport. "Tuchel chose to use another system, but I will remain professional I will work harder," he continued. Yes, before Lukaku managed to score two goals in two consecutive matches in the Premier League, he had experienced a prolonged goal drought. 

As if losing his spurs, Romelu Lukaku experienced a goal drought in 12 Chelsea matches, both on the domestic and continental scene. Romelu Lukaku's name was not listed on the scoreboard when Chelsea played against Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Manchester City, Juventus, Southampton, Brentford, Malmo, Manchester United, Watford and West Ham. Yes, for more than 2 months Lukaku has not contributed a single goal for the Blues, the last three games mentioned above are the matches he lived after suffering an injury. 

Thomas Tuchel also reasoned that he was still adapting to his new sticker, the German tactician also added that my injury had been played too much this season.
When he had to beat Chelsea, Lukaku was also the focus of the Belgian national team on the front lines. Tuchel's reasons are true, however, judging by the quality of Romelu Lukaku, he should have no trouble in tearing the opponent's net, his performance at Inter was perfect. This is the reason Chelsea dared to spend a lot of money to bring him, and Tuchel also recognized the quality of his striker. "He (Lukaku) is a fantastic athlete and a competitive guy so he wants to win everything," Tuchel said. Then, looking at this aspect, some assumptions blame Thomas Tuchel for being unable to maximize Lukaku's abilities, one of which is Antonio Conte. 

"If you have a centre-forward like Lukaku, you need to use him, and I don't think Chelsea have found a way to use him," Conte said. Yes, Lukaku was indeed made fierce by Antonio Conte, if at Manchester United Lukaku had a famine, his performance at Inter Milan was so sharp. It was considered too expensive when he landed at the San Siro, in fact Conte's cold hand polish was able to make Lukaku a famous striker whose name was paralleled with Ronaldo and Immobile in the Italian League last season. From 44 matches with Inter Milan in the 2020/2021 season, the Belgian has scored 30 goals and 10 assists for the Nerazzurri.

 At Inter, Conte paired Lukaku with Lautaro Martinez who was more dominant in midfield. This makes Lukaku play more flexible.
The hairy striker moves a lot on the left, right, to pick up the ball to the middle. This allows Lukaku to find his own space to score goals, and this was something that was not seen at Chelsea before the match against Wolves. This season, as reported by FBref, Lukaku's total shots are at 2.45 per game, far down from last season when he was still playing for Inter, Lukaku's total shots reached 3.78 per game.

 Those are individual stats, other stats based on collective play on the pitch, it looks like Lukaku's team-mates in Chelsa's forward line have given him so rarely. Even wild assumptions circulated that Havertz deliberately did this so that he could shift Lukaku's position on the Chelsea front line. However, in the match against Wolves, Tuchel made changes, Havertz, who usually appeared in the early minutes with his 3-4-3 grip, he reserved to give place to Lukaku. Playing using a 3-5-2 scheme, Tuchel put Lukaku and Werner to a duet up front. Both strikers move very mobile, pick up the ball into the middle and make moves from the side. As he listened to Conte's advice, Thomas Tuchel no longer limited the movement of my wound to be more in the opponent's penalty box. 

And sure enough, the Belgian striker has good stats, by kicking 5 times, 2 of them managed to break into the Woles goal. Facing Leeds? Lukaku has a great chance to get his name back on the scoreboard, while bringing home 3 points.

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