Cagliari, however, will soon be back in the game

Cagliari, however, will soon be back in the game

 Inter responded to Milan, beating Cagliari, away, 3-1 and postponing the Scudetto speech until the last day. The Nerazzurri on 81 points, two points behind the Rossoneri, considering the last action against Sampdoria, are mathematically saved from tonight. Agostini's team remained -2   from Salernitana and closed the season with just three home wins in the entire championship.

 Even the safety speech was postponed until the last 90 minutes: Nicola and Sardinia's teams were fighting; Venice is relegated and, from tonight, Genoa. In the first half Cagliari were dangerous from distance: Lykogiannis (9') tried first with a shot that Handanovic denied, then Marin (21') with a shot that went just off the post. In the 11th minute, it was Varlah who denied the Nerazzurri's lead: Calhanoglu's tense shot at the far post, Skriniar exploded with his head, carrom at the post but also in the arm before ending in goal. At 25', however, all is well. Inzaghi's classic run, from fifth to fifth: Perisic sinks to the left and crosses, Darmian beats Lykogiannis and heads Cragno. 

Cagliari hit the counter-attack, Inter produced and before the double whistle was almost doubled. Lautaro does everything: hooking and turning left, ball at the post. L' On the third try, early in the second half, Lautaro scored with a mix of quality, speed and power. At 51' the Argentine is steeped in the development of a launch, winning a duel with the chilly Altare and Cragno becoming the sixth player in Inter's history to score 20 goals in a single Serie A season before the age of 25. Cagliari, however, soon returned to the game. Thanks to Lykogiannis who stunned Handanovic three minutes later with a left-handed shot from outside the box.

 In Cagliari's latest protest over alleged contact with Gagliardini's arm in the penalty area: but it was just a shoulder and we played. And shortly after Inter closed it: Gagliardini himself made a positive transition and needed a fine ball for Lautaro to capitalize on a touch under Cragno's exit. Now everything will be played in the last league game. Milan have to go against Sassuolo, but a draw would be enough to win the title.

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