All Italian websites suffered cyber attacks by Russian hackers

All Italian websites suffered cyber attacks by Russian hackers

 According to reports, the attack, which was claimed by the pro-Russian collective “Killnet”, did not compromise infrastructure, but only complicated access to various sites. On Telegram the collective has published a series of addresses to be breached, with the indication "Attacco all'Italia". 

The list includes, in addition to Senate and Defense, Lucca College, College of Health, Compass Banca, Infomedix (enterprise services company) and Aci. As for the Ministry of Defense site, according to information obtained, a block has been planned for maintenance. The pro-Russian collective "Killnet" will also try to block the site of the singing show "Eurovision", specifically the voting system, which is currently underway in Turin. Spain was also among the countries targeted. 

Checks are underway to assess the true extent of the attack, even if there is currently no infrastructure damage. The same pro-Russian collective, through the "Jacky" group, enlisted the help of other hackers to go to other Polish and German sites that, in the next few hours, could become targets of attacks. Referring to the news circulating about the impossibility of reaching the website, the Defense Staff determined that "this is due to maintenance activities planned for some time, currently underway on the site". 

"We know that several ministries have been attacked, but there was no cyberattack on the Eurovision website, or on ours." So Claudio Fasulo, executive producer of Eurovision for Rai, answered those who asked him if a hacker attack that day also hit the show's website. An investigation is being carried out by the Cnaipic of the Postal Police into a possible Russian hacker attack that would render several Italian institutional sites inaccessible, including those of the Senate and the Higher Institute of Health. 

The attack was claimed by the pro-Russian group "Killnet", which among other things tried to block the singing program "Eurovision", specifically the voting system, currently underway in Turin. At the moment in the prosecutor's office, in Rome, no files are opened. Initial information from the police is expected in the next few hours to initiate an investigation.

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