9+ Easy Homemade International Food Recipes

9+ Easy Homemade International Food Recipes

 The corona virus pandemic that has occurred since a few years ago has made us really miss traveling - especially culinary in various countries! So, during self-quarantine at home, it is mandatory to try various international food recipes from various countries. While you also have to stay at home for now, let's try these various food recipes from various countries to treat your longing for traveling and culinary!

Pizza Bread (Italy)

Making real pizza is of course not easy, because you have to make the dough first. To make things easier, why not try this Italian recipe with plain bread? 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Bread 

2. Tomato paste sauce 

3. Cheese (recommended to use mozzarella or cheddar quick melt variant) 

4. Desired toppings (pepperoni, sausage, canned tuna, etc.) 

• How to make: 

1. Cut the edges of the bread and spread it with tomato paste sauce 

2. Sprinkle the desired topping, can be pepperoni, sausage or canned tuna 

3. Sprinkle cheese on top 

4. Put in the oven until the cheese melts

Omurice (Japan)

The combination of rice and eggs is never wrong, until the Japanese have their own recipe called omurice that many people fall in love with. 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. White Rice 

2. Eggs 

3. Seasoning for fried rice & oil 

4. Tomato sauce 

5. Cheese 

6. Full cream milk 

• How to make: 

1. Make an egg omelette with a mixture of cheese and a little full cream milk so that the results are more fluffy 

2. Fried rice with spices and tomato sauce to taste 

3. Serve, wrap rice in egg omelette

Macaroni and Cheese (UK & US)

The popularity of cheese has increased rapidly in recent years, making Macaroni and Cheese (or Mac n' Cheese in America) also increase in popularity. Interested in making? Check out the following recipe. 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. 200 gr macaroni 

2. 200 ml of liquid milk 

3. 150 gr cheddar cheese 

4. 100 gr parmesan cheese 

5. 2 tbsp wheat flour 

6. 1 clove of garlic (finely chopped) 

7. Butter to taste 

8. Salt, sugar and pepper to taste 

• How to make: 

1. Boil macaroni with butter and salt for 10 minutes. 

2. Sauté the butter and garlic in a separate skillet. 

3. Pour in the liquid milk and flour, stir until thickened. 

4. Add the grated cheddar and parmesan cheese, salt, sugar and pepper in a saucepan. 

5. Pour the macaroni that has been set aside into the pan, stir well.

Jjapaguri or Ram-don (South Korea)

Who does not know this food? This Korean dish, which is sometimes called Ramdon, is popular thanks to its appearance in the 4-Oscar award-winning Korean film Parasite. It's also relatively easy to make, you know! 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Chapetti Instant Noodles 

2. Neoguri Instant Noodles 

3. 200 gr beef (sirloin) 

4. 1 tbsp oil 

5. 2 cloves of garlic (optional) 

• How to make: 

1. Cut the meat into squares and season with salt and pepper. then put the meat in a frying pan with hot oil 

2. Prepare a pot to boil the two noodles 

3. Put two packets of noodles into boiling water and dry vegetable sachets from the two instant noodles 

4. Take one cup of noodle cooking water and then drain the noodles 

5. Put the noodles back into the pan along with the cooking water 

6. Add the Chapagetti and Neoguri spices, mix well 

7. Enter the cooked meat along with the sachet oil from the chapetti instant noodles 

8. Stir until the spices are evenly mixed, serve

French Toast (France)

Although the name is French Toast, actually this recipe is not only in France, you know, but also found in other countries such as Germany or Spain, although with a different recipe. Truly international food! 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. 2 slices of white bread 

2. 1 sheet of cheddar cheese 

3. 100 ml of liquid milk 

4. 1 egg 

5. 1 tbsp butter 

• How to make: 

1. Combine liquid milk and eggs, mix until evenly distributed 

2. Soak the bread in the dough for 
3 minutes, not too long because it will become mushy 

3. Melt the butter in a frying pan and bake the bread until it is brown on both sides 

4. After that put the cheese sheet on top of the bread and cover with another sheet of toast 

5. Serve and add other toppings according to taste

Kebabs (Turkey)

Indeed, kebabs are easy to find and order, but why not try making your own? What's more, this popular recipe from Turkey is relatively easy to make. 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Tortilla skin 

2. Sausage 

3. Lettuce 

4. Cheese 

5. Tomato Sauce 

6. Sambal Sauce 

7. Mayonnaise 

• How to make: 

1. The tortilla skin is heated by simply frying it for about 2 minutes over low heat 

2. Fried sausage 

3. Arrange the tortilla skin, add sausage, lettuce, grated cheese, mayonnaise, and tomato sauce and chili sauce to taste 

4. Then fold everything, it's ready to eat

Rum Balls (Germany)

Like French Toast, Rum Balls are also an international recipe. Because, not only in Germany, many other countries also have their own Rum Balls recipe! 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. 2 packs of marie biscuits 

2. 2 tbsp butter 

3. 4 tbsp thick sweet chocolate flavor 

4. 1 pack of meses 

• How to make: 

1. Crush the marie biscuits until smooth 

2. Enter the butter (which has been melted), and sweetened condensed milk. Mix well 

3. Put in the refrigerator for 5 minutes until the dough is easy to roll. 

4. After it is rounded (size according to taste), roll the dough in the meses, 

5. Put it back in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour for maximum results.

Mapo Tofu (China)

Mapo Tofu is a Chinese food recipe originating from Sichuan Province, in the form of tofu with spicy sauce. What's the recipe like? 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Tofu 

2. Minced beef/chicken 

3. Oyster sauce 

4. Cornstarch, mix with a little water 

5. Sesame oil 

6. Celery 

7. Garlic 

8. Olive oil 

• How to make: 

1. Saute garlic with sesame oil and olive oil 

2. Enter the minced chicken/beef, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste 

3. Put all the tofu into the pan, pour enough water. 

4. Add oyster sauce, salt to taste, sweet soy sauce to taste, then pour the mixture of water and cornstarch to give a thick effect into the food 

5. Wait for up to 5 minutes, when finished give a sprinkling of celery on top.

Chip Butty Sandwich (UK)

Sandwich sandwiches… fries? It's hard to believe, but this recipe actually exists in England! His name is Chip Butty Sandwich. You can also make it at home because this recipe is so easy to make. 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Bread 

2. Butter 

3. Potatoes, cut lengthwise 

4. Chili sauce and tomato sauce 

• How to make: 

1. Spread butter on bread 

2. Fry the potatoes until brown, then put on a piece of bread 

3. Pour the chili sauce and tomato sauce over the fries 

4. Cover with another piece of bread

Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri (Japan)

One more Japanese food we miss! In fact, onigiri is one of the foods in Japanese convenience stores that is really effective to block the stomach when traveling there. While at home, make your own, come on! 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Rice 

2. Agar powder (plain) 

3. Canned tuna 

4. Mayonnaise 

• How to make: 

1. Cook the rice as usual, but mix the gelatin powder into the rice to be cooked to make the rice easier to shape 

2. Mix canned tuna with mayonnaise, sprinkle salt and pepper according to taste 

3. After the rice has cooled, place the rice on plastic wrap and flatten it out 

4. Put the tuna mayonnaise mixture on top of the rice and start to form the rice into a rice ball shape 

5. If you have furikake at home, you can sprinkle furikake on top of the onigiri rice

Aglio Olio Pasta (Italy)

Even if you have never been to Italy, you are definitely familiar with this recipe because it is served in many restaurants with international menus in Indonesia! Come on, try making your own at home with this recipe from Klook. 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Pasta 

2. Garlic 

3. Olive oil 

4. Chili powder 

5. Seasoning 

• How to make: 

1. Boil pasta until cooked 

2. Heat olive oil in a frying pan, then add the chopped garlic 

3. Enter the pasta that has been boiled previously 

4. Season with salt and black pepper to taste

Potato Gratin (France)

Potato Gratin is a French recipe for potatoes baked with cheese in the oven. Easy to make yourself at home, as long as you have an oven. Let's try! 

• Materials to be prepared: 

1. Potato 

2. Cheddar Cheese 

3. Mozzarella Cheese 

4. Full Cream Milk 

5. White Pepper 

6. Salt 

7. Butter 

• How to make: 

1. Cut the potato and slice it into thin slices according to the shape of the potato 

2. Put the potatoes in a greased baking dish. Pour the milk into the pan along with the grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. 

3. Put the pan in the oven. Bake for 1 hour.

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