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Want money and popularity from Twitter?, here's how

| 6.4.22 |

Want money and popularity from Twitter?, here's how

 Not many know if Twitter can make money that is quite tempting for its users. Indeed, initially Twitter was known as a social media for sharing status or tweets with a maximum of 140 characters. But in its development, Twitter is often used by public figures and famous people to express opinions about something that is trending. This trending topic on Twitter is an indicator that the issue is currently being discussed by the public through a hashtag.

 This time Qoala will share how to get money from Twitter without capital that may not be widely known by many people, even Twitter users. The steps are quite easy and you can immediately practice it once you understand the complete way.

Just like other social media rules, the measure of the success of an account is to count how many followers it has. So, the first way to get money from Twitter is to create an account that will invite many followers. This can be done by choosing a unique name that catches attention, and of course content that is relevant to many people. 

For example, related to business strategy, knowledge, political understanding, and others. Try how to get the account's attention from other accounts so that they are interested in following it. With an account that has the potential to attract many followers, then you have started how to earn money from Twitch in the right way.

Hold a Twitter Contest or Quiz and Giveaway

It is undeniable that making a contest or giveaway is a shortcut to quickly invite followers. Many people will follow an account that creates quizzes and shares prizes. For Twitter users, it's no harder to follow an account than the attractive prizes that will be obtained. But of course, to use this method, you need the main capital to provide attractive prizes such as smartphones, vouchers, or other interesting things that make other people tempted to follow you. Even though you have enough capital, the giveaway you make must also be right on target. If you have a mission to increase followers, then provide a clear giveaway theme so that other users don't feel forced to follow. For example, you will be holding a giveaway on independence day, you can hold a quiz and ask for responses from Twitter users to make a tweet with the theme of independence. You can also play the hashtags of every quiz and giveaway campaign that you will do to increase traffic to your Twitter account.

Creating Interesting Content

Creating engaging content is a way to make money from Twitter that you should also try. After you create an account, then the way you have to do to invite a lot of followers is to create interesting content. After logging into twitter, go to the “new to twitter” menu and then make an interesting tweet. An interesting discussion is dealing with many people. For example, knowledge or opinions that can open the horizons of many people. Moreover, you are not a celebrity or famous figure, so creating interesting content is the best way to attract the attention of potential followers. After mapping out who the potential followers are, then you can plan what content Twitter users might look for. From here, you need to research and determine what niche you will excel in. If you focus on the world of technology, then don't move to a niche that is culinary or tourism products. It's better to focus on one theme because it's useless for you to get tens of thousands of followers with different interests. Maybe at the beginning you will feel that you have succeeded in attracting a lot of followers, but it is possible that the credibility of your Twitter account will be bad and your followers will leave you because of content that is no longer relevant to their interests. After choosing one big theme, then you can look for creative ideas about what tweets might be interesting and worthy to share with followers. Remember, at this time consistency and persistence are needed to ensure the feasibility of your account in the eyes of followers. By regularly posting tweets, your account will be on the search page of other users, and this is a big step towards growing your Twitter account to make money. If you have reached this stage, then how to make money from the internet is very easy to do.

Following Trending Topics That Are Going Viral

In addition to the Search feature, Twitter is very popular with the "Trending Topic" feature on Twitter today as a reference for what is currently being discussed among Twitter users. You can participate in posting content related to hashtags that are currently on trending topics and understand the direction of popularity that will occur. For example, when there is a hot issue regarding the general election, then you can share content that is appropriate and attracts attention on the topic trending page as well. In this way, the account you just created can get the attention of other users. So don't be surprised if "Trending Topic" on Twitter is an indicator of what people are talking about globally around the world. You can set trending topics worldwide or only in certain countries. It's a pretty good tool for responding to what's going on and posting content yourself by taking advantage of trending topics. How to get money from Twitter through this route
 is quite easy to do.

Using the Search Feature on Twitter

Twitter has a search feature called “Search” after login, which is similar to the search feature on Google. You can use this feature to research what's on Twitter right now. You can search for similar accounts, or research what keywords Twitter users need. The Search feature is very effective for searching hashtags and popular accounts as references. From this research, you will further explore what kind of content has the potential to invite followers. The “Search” feature also allows you to learn about the Twitter algorithm, how a hashtag can go viral and what Twitter users really need. Clear and targeted research will make the Twitter account you just created more conceptual. Starting from the target followers, what kind of quality content attracts Twitter residents, and also what you can sell on Twitter. It might take you a few hours to explore this search page on Twitter every day to make sure the content is ready to serve and potentially catch the attention of Twitter users.

Make Product Reviews

The next way to get money from Twitter is by making product reviews. You can do anything to get the attention of Twitter users and make a profit, including making product reviews. Usually, product reviews on Twitter are quite successful because you can immediately tag the product owner through their Twitter account. For example, you are reviewing the latest smartphone product, then you can express your opinion and mark the smartphone manufacturer's Twitter account directly, which has the potential to also get feedback from the manufacturer. This can be very useful especially if you are reviewing products from brands or online stores. Compared to you having to make a video review on Youtube, writing a few sentences about a certain brand and marking the manufacturer, it will be more effective through Twitter tweets. In addition, you can write tweets more flexibly with the presence of the twitter mobile web and the twitter mobile app.

Doing Marketing for Selling Online

Not only through Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram, how to get money through online sales can also be applied on Twitter. In fact, many people feel the effectiveness when running a marketing strategy through Twitter compared to other social media. This is because Twitter focuses on writing, although it can also post videos or photos. However, because Twitter is better known for its users' tweets, making invitations to buy products or following marketers' wishes is quite effective. You can try running a marketing strategy by providing various discounts and improvised promotions on Twitter and prove that it is more effective than promotions on other social media such as Instagram or Facebook. The limited character in tweets and only a few sentences, makes potential buyers focus on what they want to convey. Even just sending a website link or online store link via a twitter link, is enough to make potential buyers interested in clicking on it.

Doing Crowdsourcing Technique to Gather Time

Another way to make money from Twitter is by crowdsourcing. Simply put, crowdsourcing allows you to gather mass on Twitter by creating an account that contains the information that many people need. For example, if you create a Twitter account that contains information about the city of Malang and its ins and outs, automatically all twitter users associated with the city of Malang will follow the Twitter account. Later when you already have a lot of followers, you can receive endorsements or sell them to other people.

Providing Endorsement and Paid Promote Services

When discussing money-making applications, Twitter is also included. This is done by getting product endorsements and paid promotions. Of course you can do this after you have thousands of followers. At a minimum, you must have tens of thousands of followers to be able to gain brand trust to endorse every tweet on Twitter that you post. Attracting service fees for each paid promotion is also possible if you already have tens of thousands of followers. This is important at the beginning that you have to focus on how to attract as many followers as possible. But it should be noted that not all products are acceptable for you to promote. Adjust it to your followers' targets and interests to make this promotion find the right target market. You will not succeed in selling a culinary book product, if all this time you have focused on discussing political views. You can try this way of getting money from Twitter right now.

Via Sponsored Tweets Iklan Ad Network

Twitter provides Sponsored Tweets services, which are useful for providing services for companies to promote their business products using Twitter. By joining to provide Sponsored Tweets, you can participate in promoting your followers about the product that is being advertised. You can choose ads that are liked by followers and of course get money from these services. The requirements for you to be able to participate in Sponsored Tweets are a minimum of 2 months old Twitter account, have a minimum of 50 followers, and have been actively posting tweets 100 times. This way to get money from Twitter can be done if you have started to be active on Twitter.

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