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Wagner Group, known for the atrocities committed in the conflict in Syria

| 10.4.22 |

Wagner Group, known for the atrocities committed in the conflict in Syria

 A new element about what happened in Bucha , a suburb of Kiev from which the gruesome images have arrived after the withdrawal of Russian troops: it has actually acquired a radio interception between Russian soldiers in which the killing of civilians in the Ukrainian city is discussed . This is reported by Spiegel international, the English online edition of the German investigative weekly Der Spiegel. Part of the intercepted communication seems to refer directly to the bodies photographed in Bucha. In one of these, for example, a soldier will tell a fellow soldier that he has shot someone on a bicycle: among the photos taken in the Ukrainian city is one of the bodies lying next to the bicycle. 

Russian authorities vehemently deny responsibility for these war crimes, blaming instead the Ukrainian military, despite all surviving testimony gathered by the international press. The wiretapping that is now emerging, and which was notified to German lawmakers yesterday, will completely refute Moscow's claims. Bnd will also gather evidence that the perpetrators of the violence were mostly members of the Wagner Group's mercenary brigades, known for the atrocities committed in the conflict in Syria. Eyewitnesses reported that the occupation forces in Bucha initially consisted of "young soldiers". 

Subsequently, they will be replaced by other divisions, where violence against the civilian population will become more frequent. The presence of the Chechen brigade was also reported . This incident raises the question of whether what happened was part of the plan of the occupying forces . From radio interception, it appears that the killing of civilians was not a coincidence or the actions of individual soldiers out of control. 

On the other hand, writes Spiegel, citing sources with access to audio, the nature of the military talk would suggest that they have become the norm in Russian military activities, if not part of a broader strategy aimed at spreading terror among the population and reducing the will to fight back.
Other intercepts are still to be analysed, and intelligence services are having a hard time pinning down the exact location for all the rumours. However, some records may suggest that events like those at Bucha may have occurred in other locations, particularly around Mariupol, a port city on the Sea of   Azov that was under siege for weeks.

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