Vladimir Putin, "if there is a threat to Russia, our response will be quick"

Russian President:Vladimir Putin

 The reaction of the Russian Federation to the cynical plans of the West in Ukraine was fair and timely. Russian special operations in Ukraine will achieve all objectives." This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking before lawmakers in St. Petersburg, adding that "if someone from outside intends to interfere in the events of Ukraine, poses a threat to Russia, our response will be fast". 

"If Russia is threatened - he added - it will respond in a way its opponent does not yet have. We have tools that no one has and we will use them, if necessary. I want everyone to know" "Western plans for an economically stifled Russia have failed. 

The economic impact of Western sanctions on Russia has not been so strong for now," he continued, accusing the US and Europe of pushing Ukraine into conflict with Moscow and announcing that "Russian Defense Ministry will publicly show "several" foreign mercenaries captured in Ukraine ". 

"We are a big country, we don't need to annex other countries, Ukraine is a threat to Russia - he further stated - special military operations in Donbass and Ukraine are aimed at ensuring the security of our country, as well as in Crimea. Our soldiers prevent the threat ."

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