US President: "War is in critical phase, no time to waste"

US President: "War is in critical phase, no time to waste"

 The United States is "determined to stand up to the tyrants and prevent Vladimir Putin from winning the war in Ukraine". So the US president, Joe Biden, has announced the launch of "another major aid package - military and financial - for the Kiev government". Biden presented the new measures in person to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, whom he met at the White House before embarking on an internal tour that will take him to Portland and Seattle. 

In a package of new weapons - even heavy ones - for 800 million dollars, and 500 million in money to support the Russian invaded country. Prime Minister of Ukraine in the US: all-out meeting The Kiev prime minister also met with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, in Washington. In addition to the director general of the IMF and the president of the World Bank. New weapon pack: These are howitzers, heavy artillery, ammunition and above all drones: these are some of the new weapons the United States will be supplying to Kiev in the new package, and it's just a week away from another military stage of equipment already being delivered to the invaded country.

 The war has entered a "critical phase and there is no time to waste": so is the president of the US, who next week will ask Congress for more money to help Ukraine. In addition to weapons, there is 500 million dollars in "direct assistance", which is allocated by the Treasury. On the sanctions front, the US president also announced the closure of all US ports to Russian ships: "Putin will never win in Ukraine, he will never be able to completely occupy it", Biden stressed, according to which the "martyr city" Mariupol continues to resist attacks. Russia, and this is because "there is no evidence of its downfall". 

The US "will never give up fighting against tyrants", Biden stressed, repeating that the goal of the United States and its allies is "to prevent Putin from attacking Ukraine and 
continue to isolate it".

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