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UN General Assembly discusses draft resolution

Tuesday | 19.4.22 | Last Updated 2022-04-19T18:36:14Z

UN General Assembly discusses draft resolution

 Liechtenstein will convene the United Nations General Assembly to discuss a draft resolution, backed by Washington, requiring the five permanent members of the Security Council (US, Russia, China, France, and the United Kingdom) to justify their use of legal vetoes (provided by Article 27 of the United Nations Charter). Nations). This is an old idea, repeated many times but never implemented, which aims to ensure that the permanent members of the Security Council reduce the arbitrary use of their veto; Proposals surfaced again after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

In fact, Moscow's veto allows it to paralyze the actions of the Security Council, which must intervene in conflicts like a guarantor of global peace, according to the definition of the UN Charter. In fact, it needs to be emphasized, in the Statute that regulates the actions of the United Nations, there is no mention of a veto.

 Instead, it is deduced from the interpretation of article 27, where it says that "the decisions of the Security Council are taken by a vote in favor of the nine members, including the votes of the permanent members". 

In this sense, permanent members, if they do not vote, enjoy an indirect "veto power". The Liechtenstein proposal, which is co-sponsored by about 50 countries including the United States (but, significantly, by none of the other four permanent members of the Security Council), is expected to be the subject of an upcoming vote, according to UN sources, although it is still pending. no date has been set yet. The Security Council also consists of 10 non-permanent members, who have no veto power.

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