The reason why electric cars are still more expensive than conventional cars

The reason why electric cars are still more expensive than conventional cars (image source : Autocar) 

 Electric cars are certainly not foreign to us even though the population is not so large in Indonesia. Understandably, because the price of electric cars in this country is still much more expensive than conventional cars or cars that still use a combustion engine as the driving force.

1. The largest manufacturing and cost depreciation

Reportedly, currently Asia is still the largest manufacturer of electric batteries. And 80 percent is located in China. In this case, do you know that anode made of graphite actually contributes 12 percent of a graphite to a battery? Meanwhile, the separator component which is useful for separating the cathode to the anode accounts for 7 percent. For the electrolyte component which has the task of carrying lithium ions from the cathode to the anode, this component contributes as much as 4 percent. As for the housing for the battery, it will be made of steel or aluminum by 3 percent.

2. Electric vehicle batteries have not been cheap until now

The cheap price of electric vehicle batteries may only happen in 2030. Because in that year it is estimated that there will be many electric vehicles circulating globally in the world. But currently, several industrial agencies are still trying to coordinate with car manufacturers to make compact cars. Compact car is a car that is smaller in size so it requires a smaller electric battery as well.

3. Battery is the main factor of cost

The heart of an electric car is the battery. Without this electric car will not run. The problem is, the price of electric car batteries is still very expensive. Quoting from Bloomberg data, 51 percent of these electric batteries are influenced by one material, namely cathode material. This cathode usually consists of several ions such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese. But keep in mind, it turns out that lithium, which is widely used in electric cars, has the biggest problem, you know. Namely lithium batteries are very difficult to recycle. That's why the price of car stamps to be so expensive.

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