"Rose Mansion" Airs every Friday starting May 13

"Rose Mansion" Airs every Friday starting May 13.

 "Rose Mansion" is set in an apartment that is scheduled to be reconstructed. The story focuses on a woman named Ji Na who is looking for the truth behind her sister's disappearance. He then joins detective Min Soo and begins to discover unexpected truths. The newly released main poster emphasizes the mysterious vibe of the drama. 

The Rose Mansion behind them looked scary and dangerous. Even though Ji Na doesn't want to return to the mansion, her and Min Soo's gazes show their determination to uncover the greed, secrets and lies hidden within. 

The important point of the poster is that when all the apartment lights are off, only one room shines brightly. What made it even more mysterious was the silhouette of a person in it. The suspenseful aura on the poster is further enhanced by the caption that reads, "My sister who has disappeared. Everyone in this place is suspicious."

To accompany the release of the poster, Lim Ji Yeon and Yoon Kyun Sang also revealed a number of interesting charms for this drama. Both agree that this drama has a thrilling plot with a high level of suspense sensation. Lim Ji Yeon said, "When I first read the script, I thought, 'Wow, what happened?'. 

I was intrigued by how the story would unfold next and I couldn't take my eyes off (the script) because I was curious about what other stories would be coming up." will be hidden." "Each episode will reveal a surprising story and feature plot developments that will give you goosebumps!" added the 1990-born actress. Yoon Kyun Sang added, "I read the script with so much fun that I lost track of time. 

Since it was a project by a good director and writer, I chose it without hesitation and I enjoyed working with such good actors." "This is a project that will shake the mind and emotions and will last for a long time. I will show you my new image through Min Soo," he concluded. Meanwhile, "Rose Mansion" is directed by Chang, who previously wrote and produced the famous film "Death Bell".

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