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Paolo Rondelli: The world's first LGBT head of state

| 1.4.22 |

Paolo Rondelli : Captain Regent of the Republic of San Marino

 Paolo Rondelli has been appointed Captain Regent of the Republic of San Marino. "This is a historical fact because he was the first openly homosexual head of state in the world and an activist for the rights of the LGBTI community. 

There is a precedent between a Prime Minister and a minister, but this is the first time in the world for a head of state", he said. declared Marco Tonti, president of Arcigay Rimini, an association of which Rondelli is a member and of which he serves as vice president and cultural manager. 

A warning to Italy also came from president Arcigay Rimini to "take an example from this path of progress and civil rights." Rondelli, former vice president of Arcigay Rimini and the Republic's first ambassador to the United States, has no executive powers and will remain in office for six months. 

In San Marino, for the ceremony to welcome the new Regent Captain Oscar Mina and Paolo Rondelli, also Senator Monica Cirinnà, Head of Democratic Rights, who designated the appointment as a historic turning point: "The news brings me joy and pride, because Paolo Rondelli is about to start today and over the next six months to become the first head of state to join the LGBT+ community, not only in San Marino, but in the world."

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