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New York, Brooklyn subway shooting

| 12.4.22 |

New York, Brooklyn subway shooting

 Fear on the subway in New York. Several people were injured at a subway station in Brooklyn . New York Police Chief Keechant Sewell took stock of the situation at a press conference: no one injured was in danger of life, "we don't know the reason for the shooting, we're not ruling anything out" but "it wasn't a terrorist accident" and contradicts the first information circulating "no explosive devices" on the subway. This was revealed by New York police during a press conference about the shooting on the Brooklyn subway, in Sunset Park, at eight thirty this morning. 

New York State Governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul, urged fellow citizens to remain "cautious" because the assailant who opened fire at the Brooklyn subway station "is still at large." In fact, a manhunt has begun in which the FBI is also taking part. We looked for an African-American man who at the time of the incident was wearing a gas mask and an orange jacket of the kind used by workers. According to the first reconstruction, the man, inside the wagon, opened the bag and took out a gas mask and a container, a kind of smoke bomb which he launched into the wagon, as the metro entered the 36th station street in Brooklyn. the other eight were poisoned by the smoke or injured while fleeing. “Tranquility and normality are broken, brutally interrupted, by cold and heartless individuals who don't care about the individuals they attack because they are just living their daily lives. 

These individuals are still on the loose. This person is dangerous.” Hokul. Several New York subway lines, between Brooklyn and Manhattan, were suspended after the shooting. The Metropolitan Transit Authority said on Twitter: "There was a major disruption to services as the NYPD responded to the facts at 36 St". While all Brooklyn public schools near the scene of the subway shooting are in 'shelters', i.e. students are required to remain inside the building.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams is at home with Covid but has been notified of the Brooklyn subway incident and is keeping abreast of developments. 

"While we are gathering information, we are asking residents to stay away from the area for their safety and to facilitate investigations," the mayor's spokesman said. The US president, Joe Biden, was also informed of the shooting at the Brooklyn station and the latest developments in the affair. Her spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said, adding that the White House had reached out to Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell to offer "assistance if needed." Helicopters fly over New York after the shooting at the Brooklyn subway station. The Sunset Park area near the subway is completely blocked off and police have provided a number for possible information about the incident, especially to share videos that could help identify the suspect.

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