MotoE World Cup 2022 moments

MotoE World Cup 2022 moments

 The Electric Motorcycle World Championship (MotoE) held a three-day simulation at the Jerez circuit, Spain. The test took place from Monday (11/04/2022) to Wednesday (13/04/2022) yesterday, which was attended by almost all MotoE 2022 participants. The 2022 MotoE World Cup will be the fourth season of the MotoE World Cup for electric motorcycle racing. However, not many know that the MotoE World Cup is part of the F.I.M. Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. MotoE 2021 is planned to be held in Jerez, on May 2, 2022.

 The MotoE World Cup will be Energica's last season being the sole supplier of the World Cup as they will withdraw from the Cup after season. Going forward, Ducati is expected to replace them as the new sole manufacturer starting in 2023. 

During the simulation, one of the drivers who performed well in the test was Dominique Aegerter. The Swiss racer with the Dynavolt Intact GP flag managed to be the best during the race simulation on the last day, where on that day the weather and track conditions were ideal. In fact, Aegerter just competed in World Supersport in Aragon last Sunday, you know! However, the switch from Yamaha R6 to an electric motorbike was not an obstacle for him, he was able to ride very well. "A new day, a new motorbike. 

In the first few laps I still have to get used to it because I just rode a Supersport machine," Aegerter said at his first appearance quoted by Speedweek. Well, here are the results from the MotoE Racing simulation, 
Jerez on Wednesday (13/04/2022).

1. Dominique Aegerter, 9 laps 
2. Hector Garzo, +1.601 sec 
3. Mattia Casadei, +6.702 
4. Hikari Okubo, +6851 
5. Kevin Zannoni, +14,897 
6. Xavier Cardelus, +14,954 
7. Marc Alcoba, +18,824 
8. Maria Herrera, +30,665 
9. Matteo Ferrari, +32,010 
10. Bradley Smith, +32,227 
11. Alex Escrig, +32,867 
12. Alessio Finello, +34,691 
13. Miquel Pons, +1 lap 
14. Eric Granado, +2 Lap 
15. Jordi Torres, + 5 turns

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