Manchester United: Harry Maguire was bullied by fans until his family was threatened.

Manchester United : Harry Maguire

 After Manchester United (MU) lost to Liverpool the other day, one of his players, Harry Maguire, was bullied by fans until his family was threatened. Yes, as a Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire is considered to have a very bad performance during several of his matches. So Harry Maguire was in the public spotlight who criticized the many defeats of Manchester United either in the Premier League or other matches. 

Reporting from BR Football, currently Harry Maguire is getting a more serious threat. Namely, his family at home was informed that they would be pelted with bombs. Knowing this, Harry Maguire reported the bomb threat to Cheshire Police, the location of his family's residence, who then carried out an inspection of the former Leicester City player's home. "In the last 24 hours, Harry Maguire has received serious threats at his family's home. He has reported this matter to the police who are working on this matter," said Harry Maguire's official statement. "The safety of his family and those around him is Maguire's top priority," the statement continued. Previously, Harry Maguire was with his fiancé, Fern Hawkins, and his two daughters, Lillie Saint and Piper Rose.

 Cheshire Police later dropped a sniffer dog at Harry Maguire's home in the Wilmslow area. The police confirmed that no suspicious items were found at Harry Maguire's house and were investigating the bomb threat. "On Wednesday 20 April Cheshire Police received a report of a bomb threat in the Wilmslow area. No evacuation was carried out, as a precaution, an explosives sniffer dog was deployed at the address on Thursday 21 April to conduct a search of the park and surrounding area," a statement read. Cheshire Police. "No suspicious items were found during the search.

 Investigations into the bomb threat are ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time," Cheshire Police continued. Harry Maguire apart from getting a lot of criticism in the last few games, especially after Manchester United were beaten by Liverpool 0-4, also when bothering his teammates. Call it the main goalkeeper of Manchester United.

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