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Lewis Hamilton Praises George Russell

Sunday | 17.4.22 | Last Updated 2022-04-17T18:44:15Z

Lewis Hamilton Praises George Russell

 George Russell managed to show his quality that he deserves to strengthen Mercedes this season. From the first three series of F1 2022, the 24-year-old racer has always grabbed the top five positions. In fact, Russell managed to reach the podium at the Australian GP which brought him up to second place in the standings. The consistency shown by Russell has received praise from many parties, including his teammate, Lewis Hamilton.

 Of course, this is quite interesting because many predict that the two will not get along while defending Mercedes considering that they are both competitive. However, this assumption seems to have been immediately refuted by Lewis Hamilton. He openly praised Russell's performance who managed to adapt quickly to the team's performance. "I think George (Russell) came out and did really well. He really gave his all for the team," Hamilton said quoting On the other hand, Hamilton seemed to have trouble finding his rhythm. 

Although he always managed to score points, the 37-year-old racer was only able to finish 10th at the Saudi Arabian GP.
"We were having a hard time finding our form again, but he (Russell) was able to adapt and fit into the team quickly. That's good for his development." Hamilton added. "Yes, when Valtteri (Bottas) and I were still in the same team, George was already part of the (reserve driver) team. So yes, actually he just continued what he had learned here before." The seven-time F1 world champion also admitted that he was happy to be Russell's teammate. 

His younger age than Valtteri Bottas brings a new dimension to The Silver Arrows squad. "You know, it's nice to have a team-mate who is much younger than you. Yes, although I admit Valtteri's age is not young. His soul is not that of a young man," he said. "As I said earlier, Russell is doing well for the team and he seems to provide fresh energy. So, it's good to see him being consistent."

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