Juventus: Stefano Tacconi hospitalized

ex-Juventus goalkeeper: Stefano Tacconi

 The health condition of the former goalkeeper and captain of Juventus and the national team, Stefano Tacconi, 64 years old, who has been hospitalized since this afternoon, with a reserved prognosis, in hospital in Alessandria, is concerned about his health, after being accused of being sick in Asti. . 

Tacconi was a guest last night, as part of the 'Sticker day' exhibition, where he participated in a charity dinner at a restaurant in the province.supporting the local committee of the Italian Red Cross. Based on the information obtained, the former footballer who was accompanied by one of his sons continued the evening's event at a dance club in the city center. 

This morning he was taken to the 'Cardinal Massaia' hospital in Asti , where the doctors decided to transfer to Alessandria. He is now hospitalized in the Neurosurgery ward. 

He was Juventus' full defender for almost a decade (1983-1992) and captain in recent seasons, and is still the only goalkeeper to have won all five UEFA club competitions in force at the time. Between 1987 and 1991 he was part of the Italian national team, with a total of 7 appearances.

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