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Huawei: "return to production serious consequences"

Monday | 18.4.22 | Last Updated 2022-04-18T17:13:17Z

Huawei: "return to production serious consequences"

 Chinese company Huawei has expressed concern about the heavy economic fallout from the strict lockdown in Shanghai, whose car production risks being completely blocked if it doesn't start running again in May. In a post on messaging platform "WeChat", Richard Yu - head of Huawei's consumer and automotive division - warned "if Shanghai does not resume production in May, all players in the high-tech and industrial sectors, which have production and distribution processes in the region, will came to a complete standstill, especially the auto industry.” 

According to Yu this was with “serious consequences and huge losses for the entire industry.” Among other more recent “warnings”, He Xiaopeng - head of the Xiao Peng electric vehicle group - which he said, the entire automotive sector - almost 5% of the entire country's GDP - at risk of being totally blocked. President Xi Jinping, for a week reiterated the need to maintain a "zero contagion" policy to contain the worst wave of Covid-19 since the early 2020 crisis: still blocking the city for more than two weeks of its 26 million residents, with tensions rising with law enforcement and health workers. 

Many companies - including Tesla and other Chinese and Taiwanese giants that have factories in the city - have suspended their activities, with no clear signal that the lockdown is over. Confirmed or asymptomatic cases are 
still above 20,000.

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