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Hajj Pilgrimage Full of Wisdom

| 3.4.22 |

Hajj Pilgrimage Full of Wisdom

 Islamic-themed films are rarely produced by European countries. Apart from being sensitive to sensitive themes, films with religious themes sometimes cause strong protests from Islamic countries, which judge that films do not reflect or violate Islamic principles. However, this is not the case with the film titled Le Grand Voyage. Le Grand Voyage, which was made by France, has become one of the most successful Islamic films in the market. 

In addition, Le Grand Voyage has also become a film that has received positive appreciation among the Islamic community. This film tells a simple story of Mohamed Majd, a devout Muslim who wishes to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam, namely the pilgrimage. However, Mohamed Majd did not want to do it by plane and preferred to go by car by road. The son, Reda (Nicolas Cazale) of course, inevitably has to accompany his father on the long journey from France to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. 

Not an easy thing, because the relationship between the two is not like other family relationships that are fluid, harmonious, and loving each other. However, there is always wisdom in everything, even so with the two of them traveling to Mecca. Because they have to spend time together, the relationship between the two fathers and son finally thaws and makes them begin to understand each other.

 Not only that, on this trip, Reda finally understands why his father prefers to go for the pilgrimage by car. Through this Le Grand Voyage film, apart from offering a colorful relationship in the family, we also seem to be invited by Reda and also his father to take a walk and find out about the uniqueness of the country they are going through.

 Yes, on their way from France to Makkah, they at least passed through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, and Jordan before finally arriving in Saudi Arabia. A really long journey.
Even though it seems flat throughout the plot, make no mistake, the film which was released in 2004 has a surprise at the end of the story. Curious to know what surprises this Le Grand Voyage film has to offer? Please, friends, go to your favorite streaming service.

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