Former president has returned to talk about election fraud

Former president: Donald Trump

 Trump reminded his supporters that it was important to elect a Republican representative to "make America great again" at a time when "this country is going to hell". Speaking in Delaware, Ohio, the tycoon then attacked "radical Democrats who have chosen to side with drug cartels." The tycoon later recalled that the criminals "use knives instead of guns" because "they cause more pain". The former president, who was applauded by his supporters, praised officers serving on the border with Mexico, calling them "heroes" for fighting "criminal gangs" and "drug cartels".

 The former president has again spoken out about election fraud and attacking the media. "They always turn off the cameras when it comes to rigged elections - he says - they don't want us to talk about it". In fact, in the interview with Pierce Morgan it was Trump who left when the interviewer asked him to show evidence of his accusations. The tycoon later praised his family, saying they were "full of geniuses," and accused Joe Biden of mishandling the pandemic. 

Trump says there have been more deaths from Covid under the Biden administration than under his presidency. When the two spotlights went out at one point, Trump joked: "That's Communist," he said, making 
the audience laugh.
Without announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, Donald Trump wowed fans by giving everyone a promise for an election in two years. 

"By 2024 - he declared, clapping his hands off - we will take back the beautiful, beautiful White House." The former president called the 'Make America Great Again' a "love movement", which rebelled against one of the "most threatening forces" seeking to "destroy America". "There is no worse threat - he added - than the Democrats". 

Then Trump closed his speech with the usual slogans and promises to make America "strong again", "rich again" and "safe again". The hour-long speech, in front of hundreds of supporters gathered outdoors in Delaware, Ohio, in a rally that was mostly less intense and electric than some of the conglomerate's previous events.

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