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"Fifth sanctions package" against Russia

| 4.4.22 |

Luigi Di Maio, leader of the Italian Five Star Movement Party

 The incident in Bucha , with civilians killed on a road hit by Russian troops , unleashed a wave of anger that will lead the European Union to new sanctions": this is an unequivocal condemnation of the massacre of dozens of people, discovered the day before yesterday in the streets of the northwestern suburbs.

 Kiev, to mark the intervention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, in the Raitre broadcast “Che tempo che fa.” And, to be precise about the new sanctions, Farnesina chief explained: “Italy did not veto anything on the fifth package of sanctions “to Russia, determined that” next week we will discuss the fifth package of sanctions and next Monday, at the Council on European Foreign Affairs, maybe we will be able to agree on the first part of this fifth package. 

But it is clear that what happened in Bucha accelerated everything”, Di Maio explained, wanting to further underscore the gravity from the events of the day before yesterday. "In the east the conflict will escalate and unfortunately we will see another Bucha, with the cruelty of the army Russia," added the Italian head of diplomacy, answering Fabio Fazio's question. To avoid this, "a local truce and a major peace deal are needed, which Italy wants to guarantee," Di Maio said. "Those who are in Bucha - said the Foreign Minister in connection with the massacre - are war crimes and we will provide all the evidence at our disposal to help the EU and the International Criminal Court punish this heinous crime". 

And precisely referring to the massacre of civilians, Di Maio stated: "I do not exclude that in the next few hours there may be a debate about the import of gas from Russia ". Regarding energy, the Foreign Minister explained: “My mission in Azerbaijan is the sixth mission to strengthen partnerships with various countries. They are a fundamental element to make us self-reliant and free us from Russian extortion for gas.” The theme of the war in Ukraine is related to geopolitical and military issues which also immediately caught the attention of Italy: “The European Union wants to strengthen its deterrent. 

We do not want to give up the third world war and we will not send planes to Ukraine , but we will strengthen the NATO presence on the east side "because" what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine is very dangerous ", explained the Italian head of diplomacy. Regarding Beijing and its decisive role In his play, Di Maio explained that "we all encourage China to persuade Putin to stop this war, the goal is a local ceasefire and a peace agreement with a guarantor mechanism".
On a glimmer of peace, then, Minister Luigi Di Maio explained: "The peace conference, which should be the result of Turkish mediation, should be a fundamental step for a peace agreement".

 But in the meantime "we must seek a ceasefire and evacuate as many people as possible". And regarding the evacuation of Italians who are still in the warring country, the Foreign Minister explained: “There were two thousand Italians in Ukraine at the beginning of the conflict and now they are 160, but the majority still don't want to. to leave the country. My call is: leave Ukraine as soon as possible”. 

Moving on to a more "political" question, related to the 5 Star Movement, Farnesina's head stated: "Conte never questioned the international commitments or continuation of the Government", then determined "at the same time, M5S is coming a gradual proposal "for increased military spending, “where there is agreement with the majority. It is a complicated majority but for the good of the country we always find an agreement and once again it has been reached”, added Luigi Di Maio.

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