Dmitry Medvedev : Baltic non-nuclear status, balance must be restored"

Dmitry Medvedev , vice president of the Russian security council

 “It will be necessary to seriously strengthen ground troop groups and air defense systems and deploy substantial naval forces in the Gulf of Finland. In this case, we can no longer talk about the non-nuclear status of the Baltics, the balance must be restored," explained Dmitry Medvedev. "We can forget about the non-nuclear Baltics if Sweden and Finland join NATO." 

Dmitry Medvedev, vice president of the Russian security council, wrote on Telegram, quoted by the Russian agency Tass. Medvedev explained that "it will be necessary to seriously strengthen the ground troop groups and air defense systems and deploy a substantial naval force in the Gulf of Finland. In this case, we can no longer talk about the non-nuclear status of the Baltic, that balance must be restored. Until at the moment, Russia has not taken such action and has no intention of doing so." Russia's response to yesterday's declaration by the first two ministers of the Baltic states, who envision a future in NATO of their two countries, is therefore not long in coming, definitively abandoning the status of neutrality. 

So what happens to set those inactive limits into fibrillation? The invasion of Ukraine alerted all countries bordering Russia, because we know when the war begins, but do not know when it will end and how far it could spread. The ancient Latin motto: “If you want peace, prepare for war” is therefore relevant again, and this is what happened with yesterday's declaration. "Russia is our neighbour. We have a long border with them and see how they behave in Ukraine now. This is a war in Europe that we didn't want to happen, but unfortunately now it is. Therefore, we obviously have to ask ourselves. the question of how we can do it in Finland to avoid it". Sanna Marin , prime minister of Finland , which borders Russia along 1,300 kilometers , yesterday presented a white paper to the Finnish Parliament describing the changing security situation after Russia 's invasion of Ukraine , which will form the basis of debate in Parliament and decisions on NATO membership . 

An option, says Marin, would be "in weeks, not months".
"There's a before and an after on February 24," said Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. "There are arguments, - he added - to be analyzed very carefully. We have to weigh all the pros and cons. At the same time, I see no reason to delay the decision. We will have elections in September and we also have to be able to focus on this". Andersson underlined how "the choice of Finland will be important for Sweden in this regard: the choice of the Finnish route will clearly affect us". And the time for Sweden to become a possible NATO member is also near, we are talking about before the next Atlantic Alliance summit, which will be held in June in Madrid.

 Another voice in favor of the possible Swedish and Finnish field choices emerged from Lithuania. Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said: “That Russia is threatening is nothing new. Kaliningrad is a very militarized area, it is years old and is in the Baltic region”. The prime minister, according to the SNB agency, underlined his support for Sweden and Finland's decision to join the Alliance because "I believe that the presence of these countries as Alliance members will strengthen the Alliance and the security of these countries and ours."

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