Devin Booker comeback against New Orleans Pelicans

Devin Booker comeback against New Orleans Pelicans

 Phoenix Suns basketball player Devin Booker has the opportunity to make his comeback in the sixth game against the New Orleans Pelicans. He continues to show positive progress in healing his hamstring injury. As is known, Devin Booker suffered a hamstring injury when playing against the New Orleans Pelicans in the second game ago. He then missed the third, fourth and fifth games due to conditions that did not allow it. 

Until now, Booker's hamstring injury has not recovered one hundred percent. However, the medical team monitors that the progress experienced by the player is quite good. The hope is that in the next few days, Booker will be able to carry out basketball activities with physical contact. If he doesn't feel the nagging pain anymore, Booker can certainly be allowed to play. Even though he could play, the medical team also suggested that Booker play with limited minutes. 

This is intended so that the injury does not recur and the muscles do not get tired. The presence of Booker itself is certainly very much needed by the Suns who are struggling to get past the Pelicans. Currently, the Phoenix Suns are 3-2 on aggregate from their opponent. 

They need one more win to ensure themselves qualify for the next round. Given that the Pelicans are not an easy team to beat, of course the Suns should not be careless.
They should really be aware of the power of Brandon Ingram and company. If they lose in the sixth game, then there will be a seventh game that will be decisive.

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