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Confrontation between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police

Friday | 15.4.22 | Last Updated 2022-04-15T08:24:57Z

Confrontation between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police

 The death toll of Palestinian protesters injured in clashes with Israeli police in clashes this morning on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is at least 90, the Red Crescent reported as quoted by the media. 40 people were taken to hospital and at least two people are reported to be in serious condition. According to Palestinian sources, there were also dozens of people arrested. 

Three Israeli agents were reportedly injured. According to military radio, Muslims, who are celebrating the second Friday of Ramadan today, organized a procession in an open field, displayed the Hamas flag and attacked Israeli security forces by throwing stones and firing fireworks at eye level. Several dozen people then barricaded themselves at the al-Aqsa Mosque. According to police, agency intervention was necessary to prevent the rock from falling on the esplanade of the Western Wall. 

Thousands of agents have been deployed to Jerusalem to control the situation while Easter is also celebrated tonight.
It is not clear what sparked the violence. The Islamic organization that runs the site said Israeli police entered the area shortly after dawn prayers, when thousands of worshipers were at the mosque. Videos circulating online show Palestinians throwing stones and police firing tear gas and stun grenades. The mosque is the third holiest place in Islam. It was built on the Temple Mount, which is also a holy place for Jews. For decades it has been a major point of Israeli-Palestinian clashes. 

Tensions have risen in recent weeks following a series of deadly attacks by Palestinians that have killed 14 people in Israel. Jerusalem authorities carried out several arrests and military operations in the occupied West Bank, sparking clashes in which several Palestinians were killed. Tens of thousands of Palestinians usually gather at Al-Aqsa for Friday prayers, which is very crowded especially at a time when Muslims observe the holy month of Ramadan. Weeks of protests and riots in Jerusalem during last year's Ramadan sparked an 11-day war in Gaza.

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