Andrea Dovizioso : Yamaha YZR-M1 less competitive

Andrea Dovizioso : RNF Yamaha rider

 Andrea Dovizioso believes Yamaha will provide a contract extension after the 2022 MotoGP championship ends. Regarding the achievements this year, the Italian man argued that his YZR-M1 2022 motorcycle was still having problems. Dovizioso indeed at the beginning of this season was still not able to meet the expectations of RNF Yamaha. He even just collected eight points from the five races he has played. This of course made the boss of RNF Racing, Razlan Razali, feel anxious. The man from Malaysia then asked Dovizioso to immediately make a positive result. 

The driver also emphasized that he never expected to finish in the back. Grip problems and high speed on the Yamaha YZR-M1 made Andrea Dovizioso less competitive. "I'm not here to go too far back. I'm very upset about this," said Dovizioso, quoted by "I want to be up front, but you don't know how it will be before you get on the bike," he added. "And I think Yamaha is having a hard time at the moment even though Fabio (Quartararo) is showing that you can still go on the M1." The shortcomings that occur in the YZR-M1 motorbike are even claimed to have been recognized by Yamaha and the manufacturer with the tuning fork logo apologized for the problems that befell him.

You can be fast, but as they confirmed to me in our last meeting, they know very well what goes on behind the M1," said Dovizioso. "They have realized the truth and apologized to me for the gap in Austin." "They understand the situation and together with us will try to improve," he explained. Meanwhile, responding to rumors that he will not get a contract extension from Yamaha, Dovizioso admits that he doesn't want to bother. 

According to him, the rumors developed because of the media, even though the relationship between Dovizioso and Yamaha was fine. "I don't care about things like that, as usual. It's okay, sometimes that's how journalism works," said Dovizioso. "Right now I'm not thinking about finishing the season or not, I'm just thinking about improving." 

"I've met with Yamaha, but if you read the headlines you'd think I had nothing to do with them. "But the fact is they already know the problem and they want to collaborate with me. Because they know that together they can do important things," he concluded.

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