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Al Aqsa is shaken, the world is helpless again

Saturday | 16.4.22 | Last Updated 2022-04-16T17:08:45Z

Al Aqsa is shaken, the world is helpless again

 There is a very contrasting atmosphere and conditions when western countries that claim to be defenders and fighters for democracy and human rights unite to defend Ukraine when Russia began to invade with chronic problems of violence and oppression of Palestinians that recently occurred at the Al Aqsa Mosque. . The result of the violence and occupation of the Israeli security forces at the Al Aqsa mosque resulted in 152 Palestinians and 3 Israeli soldiers being injured. This incident certainly raises fears of widespread tension and direct confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli security forces as well as Israeli citizens as has happened before. These tensions escalated in the holy month of Ramadan, which coincides with the Jewish celebration of the Passover. 

The signs of this violence in the weeks before the incident of the occupation of the Al Aqsa mosque had already begun to appear when a series of bloody incidents occurred on the streets of the Israeli occupied territories. Since last month alone, the Israeli security forces have shot dead 29 Palestinians who carried out attacks on Israelis that left 14 Israelis dead. These attacks occurred in various cities in Israel. The Al Aqsa mosque complex certainly cannot be separated from Palestinians and also Muslims and Muslims in general because it is one of the holiest places for Muslims. The position of the Al Aqsa mosque complex is in the old city in the eastern city of Jerusalem and in 1967, in the very short Middle East war, Israel was successfully occupied to this day.

 For Muslims this complex is known as al-Haram al-Sharif which means noble sanctuary, while for Jews it is known as the Temple Mount which is a holy place for Palestinians and Jews.
If examined more deeply, as part of the 1994 Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, Israel recognizes the Hashemite's role as guardians of Al-Aqsa and maintains overall security control over the holy complex. The root cause of this recurring conflict is the declaration of this complex as a holy place by both parties Al Aqsa is the third holiest place for Muslims that needs to be maintained and its existence and sanctity. Meanwhile, the Jews also claim this area as their holy area because of the existence of 2 holy places in the area, namely the Temple Mount. 

The Al-Aqsa compound sits on the plateau of East Jerusalem's Old City, which Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war. According to Israeli security forces, the riots in Al Aqsa began in the morning after dawn prayers where hundreds of Palestinians were said to have thrown stones and fireworks at Israeli soldiers guarding the compound and also at Jews who were praying in the western walled area. The reason used by the Israeli security forces to occupy the Al Aqsa mosque is to disperse and repulse the protesters so that the congregation of this mosque can leave the mosque safely. 

To date, 500 Palestinians have been detained by the Israeli security forces and 100 of them have been released.
As happened last year, the occupation of Al Aqsa by the Israeli security forces is predicted to trigger wider unrest. Therefore, it is not surprising that Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations have mediated to the two conflicting parties to prevent the spread of this riot. Last year the same incident occurred in the holy month of Ramadan which led to the expulsion of Palestinians from the East Jerusalem area and also the occupation of the Al Aqsa mosque by Israeli security forces. This conflict and violent incident lasted for 11 days and claimed the lives of more than 250 Palestinians and 13 Israelis. 

Regarding the riots and the occupation of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Palestinian Foreign Minister stated that Israel is fully responsible for this incident and will accept the consequences of its actions. The spokesman for the Palestinian president stated that the international community must immediately intervene to resolve this issue and stop the Israeli army's aggression on this Muslim holy place so that this problem does not develop and is not controlled. It can be predicted that the violent incidents that occurred at the Al Aqsa mosque received less attention from western countries as they did in the Russia and Ukraine conflicts because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for western countries is not a strategic conflict in terms of political, economic and domestic interests. west. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will continue like a never ending vicious circle.

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