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2 Dangers of Sleeping Near Your Phone

| 3.4.22 |

2 Dangers of Sleeping Near Your Phone

 In this modern era, all kinds of developments both in the fields of science and technology are growing rapidly. The most influential thing for human life is technological sophistication. The more people come here, the more people cannot escape from things that smell like technology. One of them is a cell phone. Almost all human activities now involve this one flat object.

 Starting from school, work, to daily activities that can not be separated from the cellphone. In fact, you could say, now the cell phone has become an item that should not be abandoned though. Including sleep. Therefore, it is not uncommon when the cellphone is found near the bed or near the pillow as if that way you will sleep soundly. In fact, there are many things we don't know about the dangers of sleeping near a cell phone. 

Reporting from Hellosehat, there are 2 side effects of sleeping near the cellphone as follows:

1. Causes insomnia

What people today feel when they don't bring their cell phone to sleep is that they can't sleep. However, the fact is the opposite. Sleeping near a cell phone or other gadget can actually make it difficult for us to sleep. The results of research in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, blue light radiation in cellphones or other gadgets can inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin. The hormone melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, can help regulate circadian rhythms (the body's biological clock), and improve sleep quality. The body naturally produces the hormone melatonin at night. The production of this hormone can stop when you get light. Blue light on cell phones has a long wavelength emission similar to light during the day, so it can inhibit this hormone melatonin. This causes us to have trouble sleeping.

2. Decrease sleep quality

In addition, cell phone radiation can also make us take longer to fall asleep (research results of institutions in Sweden and America), so sleep quality tends to be worse. Similar research was also found in Saudi Arabia in 2020, where people who used to play cellphones more than 8 hours a day and sleep near their cellphones tended to have poorer sleep quality. Those are 2 side effects that will be felt when we sleep near the cellphone. It's good, from now on we keep our cellphones away, especially when we want to sleep to get good quality sleep.

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