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US Vice President Kamala Harris travels to Warsaw

| 10.3.22 |

US Vice President Kamala Harris

 US Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Warsaw to assess how to provide "military assistance" to Ukraine, the White House said, coinciding with controversy caused by Poland's bid for its fighter jets. Harris' trip was planned before Poland surprised the United States on Tuesday by offering Mig-29 fighter jets for delivery to Ukraine. 

The vice president will meet on Thursday with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, according to US sources. Harris will also meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Poland, with whom he will have a meeting. US officials also plan to speak with Ukrainian refugees and with US embassy staff in Kiev, who left diplomatic headquarters. A White House official avoided the fighter jet issue by providing details of Harris' trip. "We have long spoken with Polish officials about the best way to provide military assistance to Ukraine. And this is a dialogue that will continue" during this official trip, he said. 

Poland surprised the United States on Tuesday when it said it was ready to make Mig-29 aircraft available to Washington "without delay" for delivery to Ukraine. The United States rejected this proposal, saying it was "not feasible."

 Washington fears the conflict could escalate if Russian President Vladimir Putin views such military assistance to Ukraine as direct NATO involvement in the war. Harris will also travel to Romania following his visit to Poland. This is the vice president's third trip to Europe who has visited France and participated in a security conference in Munich, Germany, last February.

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