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US determined to support efforts with allies backing Ukraine

| 24.3.22 |

US determined to support efforts with allies backing Ukraine

 The NATO and G7 summit in Brussels brought together Atlantic Alliance allies and seven world superpowers in a grand solidarity meeting for the country under attack by Russia. "Putin didn't think we would have that kind of cohesion between allies, NATO is more united than ever" the White House chief explained, confirming that the Alliance's eastern wing would be further strengthened with other forces. 

When he was later asked a more complicated question, about the use of chemical weapons, imagined by Ukraine in fear that the occupiers could actually exercise this option, Biden clarified: "If there is going to be a chemical attack, we will answer and the nature of the attack will depend. on the nature of the attack". This is his new "red line", where the US, NATO and the European Union will take a bigger side in defense of Ukraine. However, it is not clear how the allies will defend Kiev, because so far - and also at the summit in Brussels - it has been repeated several times that armed intervention is not included. 

Then, about how Ukraine intends to continue its negotiations with Russia, whether to end hostilities by giving up some of its territory, Biden interjected: "This is a decision that is entirely up to Ukraine." The sanctions side includes news, announced by Biden but yet to be determined: the head of the White House spoke of "new sanctions against 400 Russians, both individuals and legal entities, including members of the Duma and oligarchs". Then he put forward another proposal: “Russia should be excluded from the G20”, adding that the decision “depends” on the G20 and that the issue was discussed today with allies. "If some members oppose the removal of Russia, I think Ukraine should be allowed to participate in the next meeting," the US president added. The next G20 summit is scheduled for Indonesia in October. 

Joe Biden later added that "from the United States will come two billion in weapons and one billion in aid" to Ukraine, to the fleeing civilians and to the government that is managing the people's resistance. Regarding the massive exodus flowing from the border with the EU to various European countries, Biden stressed that "refugees are an international responsibility and the United States has an obligation in this regard".
In chapters on blocking exports of wheat and corn from Ukraine, and on a possible “food emergency”, Biden explains that “it will be real, the price of sanctions is paid not only by Russia but also by our European allies”. For this reason, the US president added that during the summit "we talked about how to solve food shortages". When reporters in the press room asked him about his relationship with China, Biden calmly replied: “I am not threatening Xi Jinping. I think China understands that its economic future is more closely tied to the West than to Russia. 

Six or seven days ago I had a very clear conversation with President Xi and explained the consequences of his aid to Russia, how it was reported and how it was to be expected." The White House chief concluded: "I have mentioned the number of American and international companies that have left Russia as a result of his barbaric behavior. Knowing how interested Xi is in having economic ties with Europe and the United States, I pointed out that if he made progress towards Russia, he would be putting those relations
 at significant risk.”

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