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Ukrainian officials confirm presence of Russian troops in Kherson

| 3.3.22 |

 It is currently the largest city conquered by Russian troops since the invasion began. Mayor Igor Kolykhaiev announced in a Facebook post that he had argued with an "armed guest" in an administration building, without naming the Russian soldier. "We have no weapons and we are not aggressive. We have shown that we are working to secure the city and try to face the consequences of the invasion.

" Kolykhaiev has agreed with the occupiers on some of the strictest restrictions on the southern Ukrainian city, reports the Kyiv Independent. Curfew from 20 to 6 am, car circulation only during the day, entry into the city is only allowed for supplies of medicine and food. Residents can also walk alone or in groups of two and must stop if asked. The mayor asked the public not to confront the Russian troops. The Ukrainian Armed Forces informed that the city of Mariupoli remained under their control, after "unsuccessful" Russian attempts to conquer it. BBC wrote it. The city - considered a key point by the occupiers, as it would allow connections between advancing Russian troops from the south and east - had been subjected to heavy bombardment. "We are devastated as a nation. 

This is a genocide of the Ukrainian people", underscoring the municipality of Mariupol in a note denouncing the constant bombardment of civilian infrastructure which has left the port city without water, heating or electricity, where it is impossible to carry supplies or evacuate people. . "They endanger the food supply, put us in a trap, like in old Leningrad," the city council said, in a note reported by international media. According to a statement from Ukrainian troops, Russian attacks continue in the Kiev region, in particular in the centers of Vyshgorod, north of the capital, in Fastiv (southwest) and Obukhiv (south).

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