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This is a cellphone and tablet that uses the Android 12L operating system

| 9.3.22 |

Android 12L

 After the Pixel, the stable version of the Android 12L OS will then be released for tablets and foldable phones made by Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft. Android 12L itself is a derivative OS of Android 12 which is designed for devices with large screen specifications. For example, such as tablets, ChromeOS laptops, foldable devices, or other devices that have screen sizes above 600 dp. Before the stable version was released, Android 12L was first released in a developer preview version (October 2021) and beta versions 1-3 (December 2021 to February 2022). For its first release this time, the stable version of Android 12L is still limited to the Google Pixel line of phones, with the following details as compiled from XDA Developers: 

-Google Pixel 3a/3a XL. 

-Google Pixel 4/4 XL/4a/4a 5G. 

-Google Pixel 5/5a. 

-Google Pixel 6/6 Pro. 

Google says the Android 12L update on the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones will be available at the end of March 2022. While other Pixel smartphones can already update to Android 12L. Google also confirmed that Android 12L will also be available for Android phones or tablets with large screens from other brands. However, users seem to have to wait patiently because Google has no intention of rolling out the Android 12L OS for large-screen Android phones and tablets from other brands in the near future. "Just starting later this year, we'll be bringing Android 12L to your favorite tablets and foldable devices with planned updates from Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft," Google wrote on its official blog. Google itself did not specify which devices from Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft will get the Android 12L update starting at the end of 2022. But according to The Verge report, here is a list of tablets and phones that got the first Android 12L: 

-Lenovo P12 Pro 

-Microsoft Surface Duo 2 

-Multiple tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 

-Samsung Z Fold phone

As previously mentioned, the Android 12L OS is intended for smartphones or tablets with large screens. Google has also perfected the notification display, Quick Settings, Lock Screen, Overview, and also the Home Screen design for large screen devices. For example, notifications and quick settings are now displayed in a two-column format, as shown above. The column on the left is specifically for quick settings (internet, bluetooth, dark theme, settings, etc.) and the column on the right is specifically for notifications. 

The settings interface also comes in a two-column version. So, users don't have to bother going back and forth to the initial settings menu to access other settings. Unlike the usual display of mobile phones, Android 12L allows large screen phones and tablets to have a taskbar at the bottom center of the screen. At a glance the taskbar looks like iPadOS and Samsung DeX mode on Samsung tablets. For tablet devices, Android 12L also brings support for the split screen feature. As the name implies, this feature can split the screen display to create two or more application windows. The split screen mode on Android 12L is also claimed by Google to be more efficient. Users only need to drag and drop the application window from the taskbar to the screen to run it.

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