The True Story of Two Twins Who Lived After Death

Twins: Joanna and Jacqueline

 This is a true story about a pair of twin sisters named Jennifer and Gillian. Many believe that these two girls have actually lived before. How's the story? In 1957, there was a fatal accident in Northumberland, England. As a result of this accident, two sisters named Joanna (11 years) and Jacquelline Pollock (6 years) died tragically. This really hit his parents. One year later, the mother gave birth to a pair of female twins. The two were named Jennifer and Gillian. However, upon closer inspection, there was something odd about these two twins. The two twin girls asked for the same toy as their late two sisters had. Whether it's a doll or some other toy. 

In addition, they also asked to be taken to the same park, which had been visited by their two deceased older brothers. In fact, they never even knew and had never been there. His parents admitted that the two twin daughters had similar characteristics to his dead brothers. Jennifer, for example, has the same birthmark as the late Jacqueline. Their case is one of the many mysteries of life that are trying to be solved in the world. 

However, there is still no definite answer. One of the psychologists who observed this, Dr. Ian Stevenson, said that the research he carried out showed symptoms that the twins were the reincarnation of his two brothers. Still no one can confirm that reincarnation happened. Because death and the afterlife are mysteries that humans have never known. 

And whether this is related to the performance of the human brain. Even so, in 2006 a study in Metro said that there had been 2500 similar cases in the last 40 years. Well, believe it or not in reincarnation, it depends on the beliefs of each of us. But by knowing this story, we can know that there are many unsolved knowledge and mysteries that cannot be understood with just the logic we have.

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