The impact of staying up late on brain function, dangerous !!

The impact of staying up late on brain function, dangerous !!

 The habit of sleeping late at night or staying up late when done occasionally will not cause bad effects. However, if staying up late is made a habit, the possibility of bad effects will occur on his health. It is unfortunate if staying up late is done every day, because it is bad for the health of the body of someone who does this habit of staying up late. What is felt after staying up late every now and then is just a lack of sleep or drowsiness, but this habit if done every day will have a bad effect. 

A common thing that is felt by the body of someone who often stays up late may be frequent yawning, feeling tired, and sleepy. This is very disturbing activities in the morning and afternoon because the body that should rest at night must be forced to move until the early hours of the morning. Then what is the impact that affects the brain function of someone who has a habit of staying up late? Someone who stays up late will make his brain function decline. Because the brain and body at night will make their function decrease because in the morning someone who stays up late will not breathe fresh air and this makes brain function not work properly due to irregular sleep patterns. 

Not only decreased brain function is affected by the impact of staying up late, this also causes a person to have poor health where he will experience diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The brain and body, which should be rested at night, if forced to do activities at night, the tissue and energy for the body will get bad results. According to someone who has a habit of staying up late, not only his physical health will have a bad impact, but his mental health will also experience a bad impact.

What does staying up late have to do with mental? A person who is used to staying up late will have a bad effect on his mentality because he has feelings of irritability, high emotions, and depression. And depression is the impact of the habit of staying up late because if left unchecked this is not very good for mental health. Therefore, set a good sleep pattern so that physical and mental health is maintained from bad effects.

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