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The 14th day of the war in Ukraine begins with anti-aircraft sirens sounding in several cities in Ukraine

| 9.3.22 |

Day 14 of the war in Ukraine

 The alarm has been raised for air strikes in Kharkiv and Vinnytsia, where residents have been invited to reach shelters. The situation in Kiev is identical. "Everyone immediately in shelters", the head of the regional administration of the capital Oleksiy Kuleba announced on Telegram. Meanwhile, the grip around the symbol of the struggle city, Kiev, is tightening, though on the east side Moscow troops are still some 60 km away, further from the congested military ranks in the north. According to the US, Russia appears to be "demoralized" and plagued by logistical and livelihood problems. The Pentagon claims that "occupiers" continue to find strong resistance from Ukraine. Russia's response to the US came from the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova: "Russia's special military operations in Ukraine are proceeding strictly according to plan" adding: "We do not aim to overthrow the government in Kiev", underscoring the "progress" in negotiations. The aim, according to the spokesman, was to "end the bloodshed and senseless resistance of the Ukrainian armed forces 
as soon as possible". In that area there is damage and casualties. Five people, including two children "born in 2021", were killed in an "air strike" that hit the town of Malyn, in the Zytomyr region of Ukraine. This was reported by Ukrinform, citing a report from the Kyiv Interior Ministry which stated that seven houses were destroyed. At least ten people died in the Russian bombing of Severodonetsk: according to a local Ukrainian official. Three children were killed in an air strike that hit Sumy in northeastern Ukraine last night, with a total death toll of 22. 

This was reported by the BBC citing the governor of the Sumy region, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, who accused Russia of bombing a residential area in the northeast of the city and denounced " massacre". Among the victims were nine people who were in one house and six houses were completely destroyed, while about twenty were partially destroyed. To the south Mariupol is "isolated" but still at war, while Moscow appears to be considering attacking the port of Odessa from land, having captured the city of Kherson. The operation could be flanked by amphibious attacks, given that Russia has 11 amphibious ships in the region. So far, Moscow has launched nearly 670 missiles that have hit civilian-populated areas. “In the Kharkiv region, Russian aggressors continue to bomb critical infrastructure and civilian homes”, the Ukrainian National Police wrote on a Telegram channel according to which “several artillery strikes have been recorded at regional power plants. 

As a result of the bombing, 350 people fled from two buildings. He criticized the situation in Izyum, not far from Kharkiv. "Russian occupiers have surrounded the city and destroyed it" the Ukrainian cry continues.
Meanwhile, Russian military sources informed that Ukraine's Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant would be under their control. Some 240 Ukrainian soldiers guarding the factory will lay down their weapons "to go home", the military said in Moscow, detailing the factory's normal activities. Contact is made with the Chernobyl control system. On the diplomatic front, a meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine is scheduled for tomorrow. Sergey Lavrov and Dmitry Kuleba will meet trilaterally with their Turkish counterparts in Antalya, on the sidelines of the International Diplomatic Forum. Confirmation also came from the Moscow Foreign Ministry: 

"We believe that since Ukraine has confirmed, the meeting will be held, in particular because it is at the initiative of Turkey", stressed Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. In light of the informal European Council, scheduled for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in Paris, Prime Minister Mario Draghi had a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron on the latest developments of the crisis in Ukraine and its consequences on the European economy. Moscow has also promised a new ceasefire to allow civilians to be evacuated. The governor of the city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine confirmed that the humanitarian corridor opened earlier in the day would continue. Around 5,000 people are estimated to have left Sumy in two stages of evacuation .
"The war must end. We must sit at the negotiating table", the "honest and substantial" table and "in the interest of the people". Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky returned to speak in the evening, who after criticism at home for the opening of negotiations reaffirmed his willingness to negotiate non-surrender, thanks to Russia for taking to the streets and protesting the war and saying certain that there would be a "new Marshall Plan." for Ukraine". " The world does not believe in the future of Russia , does not talk about it. Not a word. They talk about us, they help us. They are ready to help us with reconstruction after the war. Because everyone has seen that for the people, that he defended himself with so heroic, the postwar period is coming", stressed the Ukrainian president. 

Meanwhile, China accused NATO and the United States of being "guilty" for pushing tensions between Russia and Ukraine to a "high point". This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who also criticized the sanctions imposed on Russia, stating that "using the sanctions stick at every step will never bring peace and security, but will cause serious difficulties for the economy and means of livelihood of the countries concerned”. Meanwhile, the US rejected Poland's offer to send Mig-29s to US troops stationed in Germany and then hand them over to Ukraine. "It's not feasible," said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. 

The prospect of jets departing from US and NATO bases in Germany "to fly into the airspace disputed between Russia and Ukraine raises serious concern for the entire NATO alliance," Kirby explained. "We will continue to consult with Poland and our other NATO allies on this issue and the logistical difficulties it poses, but we do not believe that the Polish proposal is sustainable," he concluded. However, the issue will be discussed between Vice President Kamala Harris who will soon meet with Polish President, Andrzej Sebastian Duda, and Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, as well as several Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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