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Synopsis : ''The Privilege'' Newest Horror Film 2022

| 3.3.22 |

2022'' The Privilege' film

 The Privilege is a new German film released by Netflix which just published on February 9, 2022. This supernatural horror medical film is being talked about on social media, through the story of an Elite teenager who lives in a luxury house with all the sophisticated facilities commonly known as a Smart home system which refers to settings on comfortable and practical home appliances where the device can be controlled automatically remotely or from anywhere. It starts with the story of a little boy who lives with his parents and his two older siblings, Anna and Sophie. One night his parents went to take his sister Sophie and left Finn and Anna at home, but moments later a very strong wind hit the doors and gates of the house which caused them to be wide open, not only that, the dry leaves around the yard of the house were flying. There were voices from inside Anna's room on the 2nd floor. 

Finn also approached Anna's room, but what he saw was his sister Anna coming out of the room with a mouth that was covered in blood while holding a knife full of blood, he forced Finn to open his mouth wide while pointing the knife at his mouth. Suddenly there was a strange sound that came from nowhere, at that moment Anna immediately woke up, and asked Finn to run away but saw a black shadow moving towards them, Anna was driving fast driving a car and stopped in the middle of the bridge, she asked Finn to jump but Finn refused to follow his brother's orders to jump into the river until his brother fell and died. The events of that dark period still haunted Finn until he was a teenager. He was also diagnosed with a mental disorder from the trauma he experienced previously so that he had to be continuously hospitalized. Finn has a personal doctor named Dr. It was Steinke who often checked on her condition and always gave her a sedative pill.
It's the same as Finn's age in a private school. There he met a girl he had liked for a long time, this was also known by his best friend named Lena. In the evening Leander's peers throw a special party and invite all his friends at school. They also attend Leader's party, but something happens that makes Finn hallucinate strange things, causing him to fall unconscious. 

At night strange things happened again he seemed to see his family was walking towards the living room with some people he did not recognize, not for a long time they were like doing a strange ritual. Finn was secretly peeking through his backyard but suddenly a black shadow hit him until he was unconscious. He also told all what he saw to his parents and brother, but no one believed him. As time went on things started popping up but it was as if only Finn had noticed. After that incident, Sophie began to act unusually and broke up with her boyfriend, Ramin. At night he gets an important message from Ramin asking him to meet him at a cafe. But when Finn arrived at a cafe he saw Ramin covered in blood and saw a scary figure. Some police closed Ramin's case by concluding that it was just a case of attempted suicide from the effects of taking drugs. But it was the opposite of something that happened. Until one night Finn began to realize that there were strange things contained in the pills he often took. He also sought to find out what exactly was in the pill. Many unexpected things happen, so how is the continuation of this film? Will they find out what really happened?

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