Shin Se Kyung's photo is the most frequently used reference to plastic surgery

Shin Se Kyung : South Korean Artist

 One of the plastic surgeons revealed which artists are often the dream of Korean women. Most of the surgeon's clients, brought three photos of the artist and asked to make a face like the artist. So, who is the artist? Recently, a plastic surgeon named Lee Kang Woo appeared on one of the YouTube content and told about the plastic surgery he did. The video content is entitled 'What kind of celebrity photos do your client bring a lot?'. Not long after, plastic surgeon Lee Kang Woo immediately revealed photos of artists who are often brought to his office. 

"Generally there are three celebrities and 70-80% of them are Shin Se Kyung," said Lee Kang Woo, quoted from Allkpop on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. If so far many have brought photos of Shin Se Kyung, recently there is a trend that brings photos of Winter Aespa and Oh Yeon Seo. 

"Many people also brought photos of Oh Yeon Seo and lately many have brought photos of Winter Aespa," said a famous plastic surgery surgeon in South Korea. On the other hand, women who want to have a face like Shin Se Kyung often feel embarrassed to come to a plastic surgeon. However, even though they are embarrassed they still want to be made the same as Shin Se Kyung. 

"Most of the time, clients seem embarrassed to reveal Shin Se Kyung," he continued. "I thought they knew it might be impossible to look like him, but they still asked me to make them. They did look like him after the surgery," explained Lee Kang Woo.

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