Russian Sanctions on United States Officials

Joe Biden

 In response to the sanctions imposed by the United States on the occasion of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian government reported this Tuesday that on Tuesday, March 15, it implemented reciprocal sanctions against Biden and Blinken, in addition to the US Secretary of Defense. and several heads of US government agencies. 

“In response to an unprecedented series of sanctions that barred, among other things, the entry of senior Russian officials into the United States, President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin, and President of the Joint State of America Major Milley, as well as several heads of various agencies and a well-known American figure, entered on Russia's 'exclusion list' reciprocally as of March 15 this year," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 

The sanctions include a ban on entering Russian territory for Biden and members of his government who are on the "black list", although the Ministry Foreign Affairs said in its statement that Russia did not refuse to maintain "official contact" with those affected, according to local reports. 

The Russian agency said: "We do not refuse to maintain official contacts if they fulfill our national interests and we will deal with the problems caused by the status blacklisted people, if necessary, for k regulates top-level contacts," reads a note released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.
The sanctions affect at least 13 members of the US government.

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